• gertie posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    Good evening Folks …. look what something thinks of this bird feeder :shout:
    The latticed one for the fat slab has similar damage :angry: Squidge or Jay?
    Anyway, another sunny day … hope you all profited from it HALE
    • I saw squidge on the slab just now and it has even more broken ‘windows’!

    • Evening Anne, I’ve never seen that much destruction on bird feeders before? Do you think the squirrel has young, hence the need for food?
      I think I’d be replacing with those feeder with cages around them, they also keep the bigger birds out also the rats.
      HAGE :rose:

    • :good: Good idea, except these were the Niger seed feeders and the cage ones fit the larger seeds :bad: :-) :rose:

    • Goodness, that is probably a squirrel :-(

    • Blimey, Anne!

    • I put mixed stuff in attached feeder. it is on a branch of a small tree with a large S shaped hook holding it, the squirrel that sometimes visited gave up as he seemed to be unable to grip to stay on

    • :lol: Hoho Tubs! That wouldn’t stop my squirrels from having a go and spilling the contents over the garden!! :lol: The problem is that it’s the smooth feeder which is used for tiny Niger seeds and those are for the Goldfinches. … of which, incidentally, I have seen little recently! Yes the squirrel does have youngsters and they ALL come to GG and race along the wall, over the sheds, along the Ribe hedge and into the Holly tree. Very entertaining, but not tame like the Red squirrels we used to feed [when we were children], in Queen’s Wood in north London. As they have nibbled away the windows in the fat -slab feeder too I will have to replace the hangers with metal not plastic, but for the Niger seeds it’s a conundrum :confused: Plastic!! This is the problem ennit! ,