• gertie added 3 Photos 1 week, 3 days ago

    • I’m now ‘on a crusade ‘ to provide no more ‘plastic meals’ to my little squirrel visitors !

    • That is one destructive squirrel, has he got metal teeth!!! I hope you’ve managed to locate to more substantial birdfeeders :good:

    • Ennit :excruciating: :lol:
      No not yet Lynn, but Dom and I have a cunning plan with the possible utilisation of some fine, wire mesh? Will let you know if it works. So far have only just finished a very late lunch after a big shopping spree! Seem to be getting nowhere fast this week ;-) HALE :rose:

    • If the feeders are on a pole put vaseline on it, they can’t get a grip :lol:

    • :bad: Part of the problem Cilla … feeders now all hang in the Holly tree and bushes, so squirrels reach them easily. I would have to find a very open place for the pole, to evade the squirrels … they leap for miles ‘n’ miles :lol: … GG just ain’t big enough :lol:
      I don’t ever recall seeing one ever climbing the pole when it was on Blue hill … they just leapt onto it :dance: :lol: I don’t mind feeding them anyway, but I can’t have them ingesting plastic … it will make them ill :bad: