• gertie posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    Nightnight All :rose: … will leave you with a picture of a new, reluctant Clematis that I have been trying to encourage for ages! :clover: :walt: :rose:
    • Click on pic for full photo … and good luck! :confused: :good: :-) :rose:

    • Not looking too happy Anne, Looks like it could do with some nitrogen, Too green the leaves up a bit. :rose:

    • Morning Anne and Al :-) Love the petals :-)

    • This is lovely do you know which it is.

    • Agh! Names…when I find it I will tell Tubs ;-) Thank you Allan; will try that :good: If I could get it to grow Jane, it would be lovely .. I had three plants originally, but they gave been reluctant from the outset :-( :rose:

    • Morning Anne, a lovely colour and shape, does it live on the blue hill?💐

    • Hallo Lynn :high-five: There is one struggling on Blue Hill, and another in a pot in the front room, but this one is in a corner by the wall and the garden shed, I have so far not managed to get them to take off at all, so will try Allan’s food suggestion :good: :lol: :rose: