• gertie posted an update 1 month ago

    Good evening Folks :high-five: have been butterfly following [amongst other pursuits] and found, Gate keepers, Cabbage Whites, Meadow Browns and this little critter which I thought at first was a Chequered Wood or Skipper, but am not so sure. :rose:
    • cilla replied 1 month ago

      I’m sure Jane will identify it for you.

    • It looks like a Wall butterfly, Anne :-) Bonjour!

    • Salut Jane :high-five: :-) :rose:

    • and thank you Jane … it is a Wall brown :good: :good: I am pleased to see it as I believe it is one that is dying out in UK due to climate change. Must say I a surprised to see it here still as the weather seems equally warm and dry. Having said that , there are many more butterflies in the Pres garden than in GGTardis. Yet again, this year, although there are lots of Gatekeepers around the Marjoram, flowering Mint, Rosemary and Sage, we have had clouds [many more] of them in the past. I remember just walking into the house through a flutter of busy butterflies :lol: