• gertie posted an update 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Good morning All … late today :bad: It has clearly rained again in the night, so cooler, and distinctly greener out there today.
    There was mist in the Valley at 06.30 and I took a few pics as the Angelus rang out. :-)
    Have hung out the overnight washing, now must tidy for the arrival of the Gals :dance: HALD All
    • Buongiorno :-)

    • Ciao Walt :high-five: :rose:

    • Morning gertie and walt, lovely day with a nice breeze. :notacloudinsight:

    • Here too now Dixon, after more rain …. Good afternoon :rose:

    • Nice shot, Anne :-) Do they ring the bells daily?

    • Hi Jane … yes. The Angelus rings each morning at 06.30, then again at mid-day, then again at 19.00 we are in a farming community, and right adjacent to the local church, and opposite a big farm, so we hear the bells clearly. They are now set automatically as the church itself is no longer at the heart of the community, it being such a small one. But the church is open and can be visited . and used for locals for special occasions … eg Funerals spring to mind as the local cemetery backs onto, indeed, has, a corner of our orchard. :rose:

    • Evening Anne. Sunshine and showers here today. I love that morning mist. When are the gels arriving? Have fun :-)

    • Having great fun Cilla … got soundly beaten at Scrabble and Snakes and Ladders but won Ludo :bad: :excruciating: We have had the same sort of weather in reverse…it’s now a cool evening and the Gals arrived around 1400 Have a good evening too Cilla :good: :rose: