• gertie posted an update 1 week ago

    Nightnight All sleep tight :good:
    Am enjoying these Thornless, fruity, and much less gritty than Bramble Blackberries :good: :-) :rose:
    • cilla replied 1 week ago

      Morning Anne. They look good, I must go out and pick some. Enjoy your, probsbly wet, friday ;-)

    • Morning Anne, those look scrumptious, must check our hedgerows soon. :good:

    • Morning Anne :-) Beautiful looking fruit :-)

    • gertie replied 1 week ago

      Good morning All. Must say that the Blackberries, a Thornless variety I have grown for several years are really magnificent this year and they can’t be beaten from being eaten freshly picked, washed and added to ice cream or apple, either uncooked or lightly warmed through with the lightly cooked apple chunks, and I add pureed apple too….with cream of course. Have been checking out the pruning destructions to keepthem happy on the arch…it worked well :good: