• gertie posted an update 1 month ago

    Good late morning All…couldn’t rouse the old bones this morning, but up eventually at nine :confused:
    It’s still not raining so I’ll do some garden tidying until it does then get on with that flippping ironing :bad: :lol:
    HAGD whatever you are up to … apparently it’s still Summer :dance: :lol: :clover: :walt: :rose:

    • Walt replied 1 month ago

      Buongiorno :-)

    • Afternoon, Anne and Walt :-)

      • Ciao Jane :high-five:
        Have you had your rain yet? We’ve had spits & spots , enough to wet the pavements.
        Oldest Granddaughter, Florence , who is very tall and slim, popped by this morning as I was collecting more Blackberries. She was most helpful with the high-up ones that I couldn’t reach :-)
        Did you finish your brick-path-laying, or did your dtudent’s work turn up? :-) :rose:

        • ‘student’s’ :silly:

        • Hi Anne :-) Been doing the path laying in the rain – not too bad as a lot of it has shelter from the oak. The work didn’t arrive – par for the course ;-) She emailed to say she’s stuck and doesn’t know what to do and I told her she could send me what she’s done. Still waiting… When I was in Devon last week the blackberries were just ripening in the hedgerows. I ate all the ones I could reach as I walked along :lol: Have a nice evening :-)