• gertie posted an update 3 days, 16 hours ago

    It was lovely having youngest Granddaughter and her friend to stay over Sat/Sun whilst their respective parents were celebrating another friend’s 40th. The girls wanted to go down to the shop and get sweeties and snacks at 22.00. because “That’s what you do at stay-overs’ Luckily I had various naughty goodies left over from Hallowe’en to satisfy them AND yet another box of Chocolate Brownies to dive into … ‘cos that’s what you do on stay-overs’ … Don’t worry though, they are two extremely slim young ‘things’ and seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves if the shouts of laughter, rattles of found toys, and giggles were anything to go by. They are so smart and such good fun. Hope they come together again soon :love: :lol:
    Hope you all had a jolly weekend too … Nightnight :clover: :walt: :rose: