• gertie posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    Good evening All. Have just returned from a talk at the local C.P. Museum about a variety of early railways to and fro and around Crystal Palace … fascinating :good: It’s pretty boris out there!!
    Stay warm Folks Nightnight :rose: :walt: :clover: :rose:

    • Morning Anne. That does sound interesting. :-)

    • Morning Anne, tis very brrrr. Your talk sounded great. :good:

    • Morning Anne :-) A CP museum – lucky you! Glad you enjoyed the talk :-)

    • Hallo Gals … thanks, and yes must make more of the local [fafilities!!] facilities even :lol: I used to belong to a CP group years back, but not been a group type for many a year. Have a good day; will send you all some of our blue sky and warm sunshine…well it’s warm as it shines through the window :lol: :walt: :clover: :rose: