• gertie posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Nightnight Folks …let’s hope :fingers-crossed: for a little rain soon :-)
    Look what is taking my bird food, both on the balcony, and from the bird feeder in the Holly Tree!! :clover: :rose:
    • it looks cute anne
      • :lol: It was Len … I don’t mind feeding it … it’s frequently chased and barked at by a neighbour’s dippy dog: and the birds cleaned up the mess it left on the balcony too :good: :lol: :rose:
        • Don’t like seeing the rat there though Anne, :rose:
          • Morning Anne :-) Wildlife galore ;-)
            • Morning Anne. You have to feel sorry for all the wildlife especially those that depend on digging in the granite like earth. I don’t object to sharing the food with them. 😀
              • IS that MR RAT Anne? Sorry don't like that :bad: :bad: :bad:

              • Nice Photo Anne

              • Yuck, :-(

              • Cheeky wee beggars, :lol:

              • Yes it is…comes from the wood piles next door I think , which is why my Humane rat trap to catch and transport to the countryside, hadn't been working :bad: :rose:

              • Good morning Allan…no, not so keen myself :bad: :rose:
                • Good morning Jane … Not sure what to do about it [if anything,] either :confused: :rose:
                  • Good morning Cilla … I deliberately left the peanuts for the squidge because I think its from a young family plagued by a yappy dog, I think that the rat comes from next door, which is a space given over to wilderness and log piles … pretty cosy for it I guess , and “Hey look, there’s a birdfeeder with tucker in it that I can easily reach!!” I don’t see how I can fight and win this one!! :confused: :rose:
                    • Hi Vashte, Nope! Not too keen myself to be frank…will have to try to find some way of getting it to the wild…but in lockdown in London?? :-( :rose:
                      • The only answer is not to feed the birds, Anne! That way the rat will look elsewhere for food. I no longer use bird tables and my homemade upside down hanging basket feeder is all I have. Even for this, until we cut several large branches off the beech tree the rat would launch itself onto the feeder. He’s tried to reach this but can’t and seems to have moved on.
                        • Good morning Karen :clover: :rose:
                          • Oh dear Jane…I have just ordered a fresh batch of bird food and am in the process of cleaning the feeders again, :-( :rose:
                            • The only way I can contend with rats here, Anne, is by recognising that I live in a rural area and right next to a farmer’s field, but I expect the neighbour with chickens is the main attraction for them. I would have to take drastic action if they got inside (I only ever see one at any time, fortunately). There’ll always be rats in the sewers in London…
                              • Yip, and I don’t live in a rural area, although our gardens are in the past remnants of the old Great North Wood I think … and yes sewers run right under the garden so ……. :confused: I shall not worry about it Jane … no point . I shall feed the birds, they are so lovely. So far there have been no rats [or squirrels] inside! … I don’t think they would DARE!” :lol: :rose: