• gertie posted an update 3 months ago

    Good evening Folks. Sat in GGHideaway: gave Dom a hair cut :-) finished reading my book, Angela’s Ashes :-) enjoyed the chaos of greens and pinks :-) and Cerinthe is now appearing , having been sown on the tenth of this month. Lovely :-) :rose:
    • That’s a pretty flower and germinated fast too :good:
      And haircut day ;-) so much easier for the men though, I’ve been cutting Steve’s with clippers we’ve had some laughs though, mind you I did cut my sons with thinning scissors as he has longer hair and then I trimmed his beard, good that he trusted me, I was very pleased and so was he with the outcome, but thank goodness the hairdressers are back on the 4th July, I’ve got mine booked already :lol:
      • Oh bravo on the hair Karen :good: I have always cut Dom’s . He used to have lovely curls and waves, and one time he went to a hair dresser and came home looking as though he had been dragged through a hedge backwards! :excruciating: Never again! It satisfies a childhood wish I once had to do hairdressing :lol: ;-) Wish I could do my own … might try, it can’t look much worse :lol: The witches have nothing on this scruffy ole hag! :lol: … hugs for Molly and Gloria Nightnight Karen , stay safe :rose:
        • Morning Anne, those look healthy. :good:

        • Very pretty. :cool:

        • So pleased, Anne :good:

        • Lovely :-)

        • :good: :-) :clover: :love: :rose:

        • They are going over now but still enchanting with their spiky seed heads! Love them :-) :rose: