• Afternoon clickers :-) just when I thought I would put my feet up I had a smallish bit of work in! Anyway, done and payment received so that’s good. Pottered in the garden for a bit after finishing the lane and built a climbing frame out of bamboo for a clematis to climb over. Have a lovely evening all :-)

    • Ooh Jane, please put up a picture of your bamboo frame…I may have to make one for my Blackberry as it’s been no luck finding a ready-made so far. :rose:

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  • I used to have a friend who preferred the small beetroot that he picked too thin them out,Rather than the finished produce,He said they were sweeter and he could pop them in his mouth whole.

  • I have not felt this sad since I lost my mum. We lost our Clown Loach last night. He’s been with since we been married almost 20 years ago. Rest in Peace, my dearest Tiger.
  • Morning all, sorry not to have been on, but as I explained to Anne, things have been difficult for me lately. Will try to explain. You all know that I am disabled, but not the extent of them. Have no Elbow Bone in my right Arm, so when I Type, have to hold it with my Left Arm. The Thumb on my left Hand, has been very swollen and painful, due to…[Read more]

    • Hi Tina :high-five: lovely to ‘see’ you , and bravo on the typing :good:
      Hope the rest of the day goes well :love: :rose:

    • Hello Tina :-) A very long and interesting click despite your difficulties! Of course we understand and we know that you can’t always click :rose: An amazing day for you yesterday, then – I’m sure your brother can be very proud of his record. Tears are ok :love:

    • Good to have you back Tina, bravo on not giving in :rose: we all get times when we can’t or don’t want to click, for one reason or another, so you’re not alone. :rose:

  • Started a marathon de-cluttering and throwing out of unnecessary stuff yesterday – and today I will be disposing of sackfuls of various STUFF in a variety of ways. I haven’t even finished one room yet – but sorting and disposal will have to go hand-in-hand if I am not to be driven mad by an accumulation of plastic sacks in every corner. I must…[Read more]

  • dixon posted an update 22 hours, 23 minutes ago

    Good luck with the lane jane. :lol:
  • dixon posted an update 22 hours, 24 minutes ago

    Morning gang, had a busy week end. Thought those rememberance beach etchings were marvellous. :-) Helped a fellow plot holder who has moved here from York put his new shed up, does stand out a bit and hope it does not get targeted. :dunno: Hope to get my garlic in today. :-)

  • cilla posted an update 22 hours, 26 minutes ago

    Morning all. Short damp walk yesterday in a nearby village and a quiet afternoon leaf collecting and looking at Iplayer. Dynasties was very powerful too.. Notcutts this morning to look for some birthday presents and peanuts….20% off everything today :good: I may go to table tennis tonight depending on the energy levels :lol:

    • Morning Cilla :-) Will watch Dynasties sometime this week. The leaves on the grass need picking up again – something to do after the lane ;-) Enjoy Notcutts – I love the variety of cards that they sell at gcs :good:

    • Always a bit hit and miss cilla but this year it was great. :good:

    • Why do your days always sound so civilised and so much better than mine? Enjoy, Cilla – especially the table tennis tonight.

  • Morning clickers :-) today is the day I finish the flippin’ lane!! Or I’ll scream and scream and scream ;-) I had a dream where I fell down a hole – I just hope that wasn’t a portent to digging out grass :nailbiting: Don’t know what I’m doing after I’ve finished but it probably involves putting my feet up :lol: Have a more interesting day, everyone!

    • Morning again Jane, just think how smug you will be able to feel once it is all done. :lol: Feet up with a book for you later. :good: :rose:

    • Think this is a situation that needs to be handled carefully. We do not want our dear Jane to run amok on the lane or any nearby thoroughfare brandishing her hoe or any other garden implement which might cause harm to any person nearby – and I’m thinking of those awful noisy bonfire-lighting neighbours of hers…..not known for their tact and…[Read more]

    • Morning Jane, Bean and Karen. From the Jane Poppins of the skies to Jane the Potholer…….wow, life is indeed varied in the east :lol: Feet up later sounds like a good idea……when you’ve done your skipping of course ;-) Have fun :-)

  • Morning Clickers, OH away 20 minutes ago, so the house has returned to quiet after being turned upside down in a hunt for his work mobile. :confused: No idea where it is, but no doubt it will turn up – eventually. ;-) Have had a lovely weekend but back to porridge today – and back to the pool shortly. :lol: Have a good day everyone. :-)

    • Morning Karen :-) Duh – phones, eh! A lot inconvenient if it’s his work phone though :-( Just had my porridge – yesterday it was very thick and today it was the complete opposite :confused: Good job it’s good for us! Enjoy your swim and have a good day :-)

      • Morning Jane, porridge and fruit after my swim. :good: A has just rung, his phone was in the car. :lol: Have a good day yourself. :-)

        • Morning Karen…….men huh ;-) :lol: No porridge here as yet but two boxes of oats in the cupboard in readiness :-) I expect you are 6 lengths in already, I hope you have a pleasurable day ahead :-)

          • Morning Cilla, Nope, just heading off now, the local youth swimming group are in 7 – 8 so no point going to early. ;-)
            Men, huh is right. :lol:

    • Was just thinking, “I bet it slipped out of his pocket and is under the car seat”, when I read your second comment, Karen. Glad you had a lovely pampered birthday – you deserve it.

  • Woohoo, managed to upload a pic from my phone to this tablet!!!
    Here are the poppies that covered the wall to the entrance of the church in Welney. It’s a bit blurred as I was walking.!
  • Evening all, a nice day after early morning rain, we attended the remeberance service in the local church in Welney, first time we have set foot in it!! It’s a well kept village church, the main gate entrance was covered in crochet&knitted poppies, very effective.
    Small lunch at the wetland center, then home to write some letters&knit, OH is…[Read more]

  • Afternoon clickers :-) very very nearly finished the lane :good: too dark now, so definitely tomorrow, weather permitting ;-) Roast chicken for dinner with my parsnips :good: Hope you’ve all had a good day :-)

  • great pics Anne as usual, it has been an amazing autumn, sort of fits and starts up here, not all the trees turning at the same time so it seems to have gone on for ages

  • Yewbarrow posted an update 1 day, 13 hours ago

    rather a damp mornng with sun showing itself this afternoon, went to remembrance service this morning and family came back for lunch afterwards, just pottering about now, hope you have all had a resonable weekend folks

  • All very nice, Anne! Love that final tree photo :good:

  • Walt posted an update 1 day, 18 hours ago

  • VegVamp posted an update 1 day, 19 hours ago

    A peaceful Day to everyone.
  • Jenn posted an update 1 day, 20 hours ago

    Morning clickers. Sunny start here today and we are off to another part of Essex this afternoon. My niece (my sister’s daughter) is hosting a little get together as my other niece (my brothers daughter) is up from Cornwall to see her dad and introduce him to her new baby. When my brother and his wife divorced she moved to Cornwall (as far away…[Read more]

    • Have a lovely time Jenn…[whilst I get my head around the complexities of your family relationships :lol: :confused: I must be getting old :disappointed: ]
      I hope Finn’s hand/wrist improves over the day. One of my lovely Grandsons plays rugby and a little bit of me is always anxious in case he gets hurts under a scrum! :rose:

    • Have a great day, Jenn :-)

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