• It was indeed spooky and I think those wandering critters need microchipping in case they get lost ;-) . I am continually surprised at the amount of greenery there is around London ….what is the area you can see […]

  • cilla posted an update 1 hour, 4 minutes ago

    Afternoon clickers. A full on morning here with the hedge cutting and then clipping it all to fit the bins and one builders bag full for the tip…..our arms will be screaming tomorrow :lol: It didn’t deter the sparrows, though, they recolonised as soon as we had finished and now I see the starling gang are back :good: After lunch and a read in…[Read more]

  • morning all, think we can slacken the guy ropes off a little Ophelia seems to be calming down a bit – not as bad as preducted and we have had worse storms here before, and will again I am sure, the gales have very kindly blown all the leaves into three neat piles close to the house, so that is my job this morning – hope you all managed to keep…[Read more]

    • Hello Jenny. It is good to know all our clickers are safe. How kind of the wind to save you sweeping up the leaves :lol:

  • We are halfway through the month and I only have two photography entries.. :-( 😭. Come on clickers, take a break and get shooting :lol:

  • cilla posted an update 9 hours, 58 minutes ago

    Morning all. Just a breeze this morning. I noticed two blackbirds have returned to the garden after months of absence. I wonder if they are ours or immigrants. I have a feeling we will be cutting the sparrow’s hedge today, the side will need careful clipping round all the ivy flowers.

    • Morning Cilla :-) immigrant blackbirds, for certain ;-) We’ve got a few now but they haven’t found the bird table yet – they like to rummage in the wood chip. I’m leaving my ivy alone too until next year. Did you get all your plants in?

      • Yes, OH planted the two big ones in the acer bed and I have planted all but Rosy Jane, not sure where she is going yet. We have two self sown leycesterias which need moving.

        • Morning ladies….Lots of blackbirds on my early morning poppydog walk, but just a few usual suspects on the bird table….plenty of worms at the moment i think. Have a good day both

  • Morning, Lynn, Karen, Jane Shelia, hope you all survived the storm without any damage. The West Midlands was lucky just a stiff wind , will see this morning if all is still standing on my plot. Nature allows us a little triumph now and again :good: then shows us who is really in charge :lol: if we get too smug

    • Morning Tony :-) nature is sneaky -we can never really win, can we? HAGD

    • Morning Tony. Nature is rebelling against man’s follies ;-)

      • Must say I agree with Cilla – and think Nature must be thoroughly sick of homo sapiens, it’s over-breeding and it’s obsession with profit causing so much damage. But even so, I’d be very sorry indeed if anyone I know got into Her way when She’s on a rampage.

  • Morning all, weather or the wind has eased now, but it’s still dark, got a 7.30start this morning, so off in a minute. HAGD all :rose: :walt: :coffee:

  • Morning clickers :-) work to do today but the garden is as up to date as it can be at this time of year ;-) Not sure what our weather is doing today but nothing much, I expect :fingers-crossed: Hope you all have a good one!

  • Morning Clickers, things have eased considerably and it looks like we have been a lot luckier than some. Some dreadful damage in the West and oddly in the East of Northern Ireland. Will check the roof, garden and greenhouse once it is light, but don’t think there is anything major.
    Wales seems to have had a bit of a blasting and Scotland getting…[Read more]

    • Morning Karen :-) good to hear you’re safe and sound- regrettably, there’s always some suffering and we wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
      Have a good swim and I hope the garden looks ok when you can see it :-)

      • Morning Jane, nature reminding us again, that she is in charge. Still as black as a bag out there, so will get my swim in now. :good: See you had some more work in, are you nearly through with it? Have a good day. :good:

    • Good morning Karen and Jane – was awakened by the wind about 3am (felt like a cissie!) – but it’s a good deal quieter now than it was then. I haven’t heard anything blowing about, and alas! there was no reverberating crash from the cherry tree, so it lives to torment me for a further day. Have been awake ever since, and am practically ready to…[Read more]

      • Morning Sheila :-) glad to hear you’re safe but not so about that tree! That Pay Back list was a brilliant idea and I will remember it if I get tangled in anything similar. Have a great day – let’s hope celebrations are very soon.

        • Celebrations are taking place on Saturday. My brother and wife will be up, and he and various members of my family will be meeting Duncan’s partner and the infant there for the first time. Am preparing a buffet for the get-together to keep their strength up, while they wander from room to room admiring the carpentry and the quality of the…[Read more]

  • dandlyon posted an update 19 hours, 1 minute ago

    Have myself an EC meter now so tonight did a test on the soil from my indoor onion bed. Quite a shock the salinity from fertiliser residue is 3 times higher than it should be. The answer now is to flood the bed with loads of water ’till the salinity level is correct. Out door beds are not a problem as the rain and snow wash the salts out
    • Goodness Tony, what a shock, your meter was certainly worth buying. :good:

    • So easy to use, equal amounts by volume of soil and distilled water. Soil has to be dry, mix water and soil, stir for half a minute then let stand for thirty minutes Dip end of meter into solution and one of the red lights comes on to indicate the level

    • goodness ! Is there no end to the things I need to know about :shout: ….soil-salt-levels :shout: :lol: Thanks Tony :good: :rose:

  • dixon posted an update 20 hours, 7 minutes ago

    Evening all, busy old Monday :dunno: and an early night, have to have Jean in Scarbados hospital for eight AM :confused: first cataract opp, hope our Irish welsh and scotish friends have escaped the clutches of Ophelia. :rose:

  • Walt posted an update 20 hours, 34 minutes ago

    Birthday…Emile Ford…gone now :-(

  • Hayley posted an update 21 hours, 10 minutes ago

    Good weird evening all. I think Ophelia really wanted to make a mark, good to see my favourite peach icon :clover: All OK K? :love:

  • Started spreading compost over next year brassica patch, the strange light effected the colour of the picture
  • This morning before the wind arrived
  • NorthernTeacher posted an update 1 day ago

    Hope all our clickers in the line of Ophelia are ok :fingers-crossed: just been checking on the orange sky – due to Sahara dust being picked up on route. Very dark and grey here but hardly anything else but a clear line of light on the western horizon. Stay safe and have a good evening :-)

    • cilla replied 1 day ago

      Hi Jane. Back to normal here but very blowy. Are you all worked out? Are you watching The Last Post? I’m enjoying it.

      • Hi Cilla :-) finished one lot of work and started the big one. Having a break until tomorrow now ;-) Getting light here now – sun on the living room wall! Yes, we’ve been watching that – the women make me squirm but it’s quite good. Only gave 5 minutes each to Our Girl and Snowball. A new Beck series is on BBC4 – love it and have read all the…[Read more]

  • Jenn posted an update 1 day, 1 hour ago

    Afternoon clickers. Looks like the end of the world out there – ominous orange sky and the birds have all gone quiet….gulp. Not much done today – went into Saffron Walden to mooch around the charity shops looking for West German pottery and Swedish glass mainly…nada. Hope everyone affected by Ophelia is OK :run!:
    • Hi Jenn, it’s very eerie, put the lamps on at3.50!!and hung the duvet on the line :confused: :dunno:

  • Afternoon all, it’s very warm and the wind has increased, nothing like Ireland or Scotland. The sky is so eerie though
    Took this about 10 mins ago

    • Plus we had a power cut for just over a hour when’s half, so the washing ground to a halt :-(

    • It has been wierd Lynn…..sorry, good afternoon :-) The sky cleared at 2.30 and the sun came out properly so I went for a brisk, blowy walk. Really tired now, kept waking up last night so sitting in the sunny conservatory with a cuppa. Thank you for the card, I just posted one to you.

    • A cuppa in the sunny conservatory sounds like a good plan Cilla, it’s still very eerie here and I can’t seem to settle, put the duvet cover out on the line, it felt very odd, I switched all the lamps on at 3.50!!!!
      I actually had a good night’s sleep, but some up at about 5.45, so shall try and keep awake before bedtime. Look forward to the card…[Read more]

  • VegVamp posted an update 1 day, 3 hours ago

    Hope all your outlaws are ok Jenn, the West coast is getting it rough. :-( @Jenn

    • Hi Karen, the outlaws are in Dublin which is a bit less blowy than the coast, I think (hope). Will ring them in a bit and see how they got on. Thank you for thinking of them, sweetie :rose: :rose: :rose:

      • VegVamp replied 1 day ago

        Ah, sorry Jenn, I thought some of them were over on the west side; you were probably just visiting. :good: Think Dublin isn’t quite as bad. :good: :rose:

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