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Autumn sown peas


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    Hi all :-) I sowed a few dwarf peas called Hatif d’Annonay in September as it said I could on the packet. They’re just in one deep container in the greenhouse. Some information on the pkt is ‘the dwarf bushes are about 2-3 ft tall and really don’t need any support. What do you think about putting them in a large plant pot (one for each – there are only 7 plants at 4-5 inches high at the mo)? Will they need a rich compost mixture?

    When do you think I’ll get peas? They did really badly in the garden earlier in the year so I hope this test will be better ;-)


    Even if they are dwarf peas, the fact that you are planning to plant them out singly in pots suggests to me that they will need something to grow up – otherwise they will just dangle over the top of the pot and hang down the side. I would cut some twiggy small branches from something that has lost its leaves, and put them in the pot as you are potting them up to avoid later root damage. I would also pinch out their growing tips to make them produce side shoots. They like a nutrient rich compost, so I would mix in some rotted leaf mould or garden compost into whatever potting medium you are using. Hope this helps. I have never over-wintered peas, so I cannot guess when you may get a crop from them, but good luck!


    Hi Jane :-)
    Growing support may be needed if they were going to make there full size this side of the winter. I would think the sept sowing is for over wintering plants for a early crop next year. Maybe put a cane in each pot to tie them to during winter as i should think growth will slow to very little as the light reduces even more.
    I could be totally wrong as iv never done a sept sowing myself.


    if you put them some were cool but not cold and put them on a shelf they will tumble ,no need for surport, and hight above 2ft 6” they will fruit proberly middle december. been there got the T shirt, :good: :rose:


    All very interesting, Sheila, Simon and Cliff. Thanks. I think I’ll do a bit of each, with and without support, to see what happens. If I get peas in the middle of December, Cliff, that would be very nice :-)

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