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Don't stop growing your own tomatoes!

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    I am growing Sungold and Moneymaker again and a new one for sauces from MoreVeg called Fiaschetto.



    Oh dear, not overly impressed with Moneymaker either Cilla, :-( have you tried Gardener’s Delight? :-)



    I go along with others and would say that G delight is a cherry tom that deserves to be grown over some other sorts (modern or older sorts)… Sungold has the edge on sweetness overall for me compared with GD but I like to have both in a salad .
    With our cooler summers lets face it folks we are going to struggle to get the results of hotter places ..and to be honest there are to many sorts of toms that end up being close in there flavour for me to bother trying endlessly year in year out. Basic rule of thumb for most toms .. Cherry= tangy/sweet…salad size = not as acidic and a little blander…beaf-steak/plum = fleshy and about the same overall flavour as a salad sort (moneymaker and so on). I concentrate my attention on GD…sungold.. Brandy wine and maybe 1 other sort that turns up or im given to try ..BUT… i dont go chasing Tomato Nirvana . I make the effort to Grow what I grow really well with the weatherer we get and thats all he wrote.



    Any one who has not tasted a good home grown greenhouse tomato does not know what they have missed. My tomatoes are grown indoors including one gardeners delight at the end of the greenhouse each year. Blight is not a problem, when conditions are favourable for blight I disconnect the auto vent and close the greenhouse up for the day. Now with solar fans air circulation is not a problem and having the greenhouse closed up for 24 hours causes no worries,
    Started 60 years ago with money maker, prolific croppers but the taste was poor, then grew Eurocross, or Alicante . Stayed with these for years but when I took an interest in showing I tried Cedreco and Shirley, good flavour and good lookers. True Cedrico are almost impossible to obtain now.
    Shelia has the answer to the poor taste in shop tomatoes GREED and not by the farmers but Supermarkets. They want tomatoes with a thick skin so they travel better, as long a shelf life as possible, all the same colour and all more or less the same size. Taste never comes into the equation ,most likely because the buyer has never eaten a ripe sun warmed tomato straight off the vine.



    Gardeners delight,, Has to be the sweetest tom that I have grown, and what a cropper, You can let it go up to the top of the greenhouse, With as many as ten trusses to a plant, as long as the feeding and watering is right. I have also grown it successfully in the aquaculture method, Where the roots were permanently in water over a bed of quarter chippings, and fed with a liquid seaweed fertiliser.



    I’m just kicking myself having read what Allan and everyone else has to say about Gardener’s Delight. Over the years, I must have spent a small fortune on the latest F1 varieties without trying this old favourite. But I’m definitely going to try a few this year.



    Morning,! You wont regret it Sheila. ;-)



    Sungold produce earlier, still going when others pack up, and taste lovely, yes, they do split if left a wee bit too long, but usually don’t get the chance. Shirley, are my all time Favourite, for good Crop, and good Taste, and of course, Gardeners Delight. Will be growing these three, as will be quite limited this Year.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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