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Growing Vegetables



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    Can’t say I ever noticed any wiggly protein in any that I picked – and if it was there, we ate it in blissful ignorance. And I’d rather not have known that.


    You may be at a advantage up north if the weather is a tad cooler at mushy time ..could have less fly’s.
    No livestock about could be a reason if it applied.. Sorry to inform you of Fly strike ..thought you would know of such things. Ignore and remain in Bliss :lol:


    Just a play on words Cliff not much room on plot to grow mushrooms. Bad joke when you have to explain it :scratch:


    grate Tony, I’m a bit slow :good: tonight


    Best crop of mushrooms I have ever grown was at the base of my kidney beans, I had bought bags of spent mush compost for my bean trench, The whole bed was like a white carpet, I have tried it numerous times since with no success. I have tried digging out a turf from the roots of wild ones without any luck, I have used the grain impregnated with spawn, I can get the mycelium growing but when I cover it with an inch of soil, Nothing comes through it. The best results I had was from the white plastic bucket that they sell, Which has already been injected with the spawn, You only have to water it to get it growing, Trouble is you pay about £7 for the kit and get £3 s worth of mushrooms from it. :-(


    Thank you everyone.
    Walt, that site looks great and no messing about as it’s all set up! I think that’s a good place to start.
    Field mushrooms are certainly lovely and we used to collect them when we used to live on OH’s dad’s dairy farm. Seems the cows possibly encouraged them but there wasn’t a good crop every year – just some.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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