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Who eats raw kale?

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    Interesting article by Alys Fowler:
    How to grow spring kale as soft as lettuce
    I’ve sown some for this very purpose. OH swears kale is for cattle only (he’s a farmer’s son) but I intend to prove otherwise :lol:



    I remember the kale my father used to grow for cattle feed, and believe me, your OH is right when he says nobody would want to eat it. But it’s a million miles away from the varieties developed for human delectation and health – because it is a vegetable laden with bags of minerals and nutritional value. Some varieties can also be decorative in a border. I will read this article later, but quite honestly I don’t believe that it needs to be grown in a special way in order to be edible for humans (as long as you plant the right varieties).



    Thanks for this Jane … will try asap. Used to love Kale cooked but went off buying it when the only way to get it around here, was in bags of cut leaves :shout: This sounds like a super alternative :good: :rose:



    I do. :lol: Good article Jane. :good: The modern Kales are delicious and the new young leaves are delicious. It’s also lovely to have fresh greens all through the winter, Kale is especially for 1-2 people. I’m sick looking at cabbage by the time I get through a whole one when I’m on my own, so steam and freeze in potions. Fresh Kale is a bonus, just pick a few leaves. :good:



    Looking forward to trying it :good: At least it’s germinated for me – a good start!



    thank goodness for modern kale, my Dad used to keep a perpetual kale growing on his allotment and we had it when there was nothing else on the plot, disgusting, never seemed to cook even with Mum’s addition of a pinch of bicarb – why did people used to put that in greens.



    Not sure which variety to choose. There seem to be so many.



    Love kale especially when the leaves are still quite small, as for bicarbonate I remember my mum saying that my nan put it in the greens, think it used to help keep the colour bright but did mAke the greens soggy so could be useful on the tougher greens :confused: :dunno:



    I grow kale but mainly for cooking as I prefer softer, less brassica-y salad leaves. I have trouble digesting raw veg (even though I love it and prefer a lot of veg raw over cooked) as I had part of my bowel removed years ago and ‘strong’ raw veg can play havoc with my system. I have some seedlings of the softer leaved type growing as we speak as the darker green cavolo nero types are less digestible for me. Raw baby leaves are nice though mixed with other leaves but I must admit I prefer rocket and mustard leaves.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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