January Birdwatch.

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    exotic water bird



    Thank you everyone for all the great photographs in the January Birdwatch. It wasn’t an easy job picking a winner and, as there were more entries per person this time, I am bending the rules and awarding first, second and third. IN REVERSE ORDER:-
    THIRD place goes to Anne with her delightful young blackbird, a captivating photograph.
    SECOND place goes to Hayley and her Stratford Swans. This was a lovely atmospheric picture enhanced by the interesting tree and cloud shapes in the background.
    FIRST place goes to KarenP with that very regal gull. I thought it was a great photograph of the bird set against that ancient backdrop of buildings and the contrast of people in the foreground.
    CONGRATULATIONS kAREN. We all look forward to the February topic now. :-)



    Very well done to the winners and everyone else, and a great choice of 3 photos Cilla, such a difficult one this month. :good:



    Must congratulate all Clickers who take part in this competition every month – for some really excellent photographs and very careful judging. Although I don’t take part, it is really interesting. Special congratulations this month to Karenp and Cilla for a hard to judge and hard to win competition.



    What a fantastic number of photographs for January and I don’t envy Cilla having to choose between them!! Well done on your choice by KarenP for her picture of the very stately gull! This bird certainly gives the impression of being the master/mistress of all he or she surveys :good:



    Well done Cill and Karen, :good: :good:



    Wooo hooo! Thank you Cilla :good: Well done to Karen and Anne, fabulous pics! :good: :-)



    A bit late I know but a big thank you :love:



    Well done Karen but where have you been? Have you had the bug? It is a bit late now for a feb competition but if you would like to think of a subject for March, that would be good. :-)



    Hi Cilla, hubbys sister passed away last month :-( , lots of problems within his family too, then it was left to me to rescue her 3 cats who had been on their own for nearly 2 months with a relative popping in now and again to feed them, we had no idea of their plight, with the help from the rspca and cat traps we caught all 3, they are well and now in the rehoming centre, today was her funeral, not pleasant due to certain members of the family but we made sure it went as best as it could, anyway at least we don’t have to have anything to do with those family members anymore :confused:
    I’m just so grateful to have my own family who are so close and close to my hubby too :love:



    Have sent you a PM Karen.

Viewing 11 posts - 61 through 71 (of 71 total)

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