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Having the Best of Both Worlds?

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    I’ve been dithering about keeping a couple of hens for ages, because I know they can cause a goodly havoc on any area of ground that is exposed to them – and I know they also offer many benefits in the same situation.  The question I ask myself is, “Could they be managed in a way that would reduce their depredations, while adding the benefits”.  I came across this clip on Youtube – what do you think?



    I have always wanted to keep chickens, OH always has been dead against it but it is a life long ambition – we used to stay at a bed and breakfast in Devon and the landlady kept ducks and chickens and I remember very well the hot days with the chickens clucking in the background and it is one of my favourite memories – however, older and wiser I fully understand the trials and tribulations of keeping livestock and do also understand as OH says it is no practical, so I wish you luck and lots of enjoyment plus a few fresh eggs to go with it.


    Caroline K

    Jeeees that looks like a lot of hard work. My mob just run the whole garden. New beds that I put in are surrounded by short chicken wire to stop them going in and the plants grow through it so you dont see it. Much easier option if you want hens. A happy hen lays eggs, unhappy, no eggs, im currentley getting 4 hen eggs and one duck egg a day here, so my lot obviously are more than happy not being penned in.



    That’s what I thought too Caroline – a lot of hard work!  And would only work in a garden big enough to accomodate all the tunnels.  But I was interested in the idea of clearing ground using hens.  We have all heard of so many people taking over allotments, and facing a really hard task.  Could there be the germ of a business plan here?  Renting out a flock of hens with fencing and hen-house for a weekly rent?  You’d either have to be sure that the “tenants” would look after them properly, or charge extra for daily care.  Would need insurance against foxes though.  Just an idea, but might be cruel to the chooks?



    Another down side not all allotmentsite allow chooks,my self I would want them in the back yard where they could be looked after whatever the weather



    Our lotti doesn’t allow any livestock including chickens.

    My pc at wk doesn’t have sound but I hate to see chickens cooped up even with a run like this, ours had the roam of the garden and they didn’t cause any havoc or problems.  With this cage they still can’t stretch their wings fully and have  a good shake, there doesn’t appear to be any real shelter from the sun i.e. shady areas on the allotment and no water in the runs for them.

    Ours were able to run around, flap their wings, get shelter from the sun if they wanted it and had lots of access to water as well as their roosting house.

    It maybe that I am wrong and he is explaining this verbally but I cannot hear the sound, however they are still miles better off than battery hens though and they look happy and healthy enough.




    seemed like a good idea if you’ve got a garden big enough just for them to get from a to b, but i to cant see how they can stretch and flap thier wings and even jump about, mine have the garden only when i’m out their with them due to our fox neibour, thier large enclosed run has lots of room and even in this cold and frosty weather all 3 are laying an egg a day, so i too agree with caroline proof of happy hens

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