Courgette Lasagne

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    Requested by @beanstew
    I can’t find where I got the recipe from that I use but the following gives the ingredients I use for two. Depending on whether or not I have enough lasagne sheets, it has either 2 or 3 layers of pasta.

    500g courgettes (approx)
    Brown and/or white mushrooms – not sure of weight, so whatever you fancy
    Medium onion
    Garlic clove
    Olive oil
    Pepper (I don’t use salt)
    Ricotta – I think the tubs are 200g or so
    Passata – the cheap one from Lidl (39p) is good for this or you can get a fancier one or make your own. Basically it’s too soften the lasagne sheets.
    Cheddar for the top – Parmesan would also be good

    180C oven/ cook 30-40 mins
    1. chop onion and garlic and soften in a bit of olive oil on medium heat (don’t brown)
    2. add chopped courgettes
    3. add mushrooms – allow veg to soften a little
    4. tip in the ricotta and stir – the recipe says leave some to top the lasagne with but I don’t like it and so don’t do it
    5. build the lasagne as follows –
    In an appropriate dish, put a layer of passata in the bottom.
    Add a layer of lasagne, followed by a layer of courgette mixture
    Or omit this layer of lasagne and add a layer of courgette mixture.
    Put layer of lasagne on top of courgette layer and top with another layer of courgette mix.
    Add final layer of lasagne.
    Add layer of passata.
    Top with grated cheddar and bake.

    When I have plum tomatoes, I add some under the cheddar. Occasionally, I add some cooked bacon to the final layer.

    It freezes well and I just microwave it when it’s thawed out.



    That sounds pretty palatable for courgettes – can only think that some desperate courgette grower was driven to concoct it as a matter of survival in a household absolutely sick of being served too many courgettes. It’s not unlike the linguine dish I made with mushrooms, bacon, and garlic padded out with coarsely grated courgette which disappeared in the finished dish.

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