Potato recipes

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    I was surprised to read this article. Spuds are a big part of a garden clicker’s life!
    Spuds you’ll like: 20 delicious recipes to help save the humble potato



    Found this very interesting, Jane, because I have not stopped eating potatoes. Don’t know how much decline in their use is fear of carbs. It may just be a lot quicker to blast a packet of pre-cooked rice in the microwave than it is to prepare and cook potatoes. Will be trying out a couple of these – don’t think you can beat a good potato.



    I’ve booked marked that link now, to be honest I had no idea that potatoes are going out of fashion, but my neighbours who are very much into fitness on talking to the hubby about growing veg in the garden I said about growing spuds in bags, he said they don’t eat potatoes at all, I do know they like juicing as that blooming machine is always zapping something :confused:
    I also don’t give them my hens lovely eggs anymore as they only eat the whites WHAT A WASTE!!!! :excruciating:
    Anyway each to their own I suppose but there’s nothing like a nice crispy jacket potato and what about those roasties on a Sunday, gosh I’m glad I don’t follow any of these fads and thank goodness neither of our sons :good:



    Honestly, it’s just eating too many chips that people should be wary of – there are definitely too many food fads!



    What a great link, with some smashing recipes thanks Jane, I have bookmarked as well. :good: We love our spuds, no chance of them going out of fashion here. :lol: Faddy eaters indeed Jane :bad: Lot of nonsense. ;-)

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