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Wonderful Lemon Juice…

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    So as the title suggests this is all about the lovley lemon and it’s uses.

    It will be followed by topics such as Cider vinegar, Olive oil and Bicarb of Soda. After that it’ll be a mix of old time bits ‘n’ bobs, plus savvy saver gardening tips and also some real remedies using herbs and other things you may find in your kitchen and even your garden-those remedies won’t just be herbal, it’ll be food too-”let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”! (hypocrates)




    So what are they good for?


    Ageing for one…nourishment aspects that is…as you get older you don’t absorb nutrients quite as well…it is due to a reduction of stomach acid in alot of cases and it is often found that people over 65 are deficient in things like B and C vitamins and iron, all of which lemons help provide! Stdy sggests antioxidants such as vitamin C and others within lemons discourage premature ageing of skin and other areas of the body (internal)

    Now I am not suggesting you go and suck on a bunch of lemons…no…you can simply incorporate them into your diet…include the peel…make marmalade, or add to cakes and biscuits etc…add them to foods, make a hot drink with lemon juice…like a lemsip but minus the chemical content and paracetamol! Just add as much lemon as you can stand and you will soon find you can add more and build it up! (you will crave at certain points in the build up)

    Atheletes Foot Lemon juice is said to help this fungal problem…bathe feet in a standard basin of water and add 3-4 tablespoons of lemon juice. You can also apply the juice neat to the affected area using a cotton pad soaked in lemon juice! (Caution applying neat may sting a bit….also garlic is useful for atheletes foot…but that’s another topic)

    Bites and Stings Now this one I have experience of!! After a long day and needing to go shopping for food…I was exhausted and waiting for a taxi to go home…I was minding my own business waiting when suddenly I felt a really painful sensation in the left arm…I looked down to see a wasp stabbing its stripy little sting equiped arse into my arm!!! Luckily I’d just done the food shop and had lemon juice in one of the bags I was waiting on the taxi with! Got rid of the wasp and applied the juice…I just poured and dabbed it with my t shirt! The relief was instant…can’t believe a tiny sting can hurt so bad!!

    Cellulite Here, lemon acts as a diuretic so should help any excess tissue fluid here, also applying lemon essential oil in a carrier oil (Olive or any veg oil will do) to the affected area and rubbing with a loofah will help! (I can vouch for that)

    Colds and Sore throats…doesn’t every one know this one? You add lemon juice to hot water and drink for its antibacterial/ antiviral actions, aswell as soothing! Good for coughs also!!

    Cuts/Grazes Lemon has antisceptic properties, so it’s useful here. Just soak a cotton pad in lemon juice and apply to affected areas.

    Dandruff Apply one cup of lemon juice to the scalp, so no matter your hair length as you are only covering the scalp area you shouldnt need more than a cp of lemon juice…less if you’ve not much hair at all…now Wrap your head with a towel and leave for one hour, then shampoo and rinse well…use upto three times a week.

    Gingivitis Lemons being antisceptic and astringent can help here. Also being full of vitamin C it will help to reform and create healthy tissue in the gums…vitamin C is vital for healthy ligaments and skin and tissue in general…it is one of the building blocks of them all. Scurvy is a disease caused by a deficiency in Vitamin C…remember stories of sailor loosing teeth and dying in the old days…well thats because they were essentially melting away as they had no vitami C to keep up renewal of tissues, including gums etc…..It will relieve the pain and swelling of infected gums and will make an excellent preventative and treatment mouthwash if 1 tablespoon is diluted into a cup of water.

    HayfeverLemons contains antihistamines and anti inflammatory properties, so can help here…I have found this to work when I had hay fever! Take 2 tablespoons in water upto 3 times a day!

    Now, I feel as if I have written a novel here and I really need some food now, so I’m going to leave it there and do a ‘part 2’ for this topic!

    See you later!

    V xx









    Thanks for tips Victoria, I have a glass of hot lemon every morning 1st thing before breakfast, it took a while to get used to but my body misses it if i don’t, look forward to the others :)



    I love lemons and the flavour and acidity of them. Some excellent ideas here both from a healing and health perspective. Thanks for posting, a great read!



    There are much more to come from lemons perspective…health, beauty and home uses :D



    Keep it coming Victoria, love it! :D



    Good read, Victoria – especially about the sting ;)



    A great read Victoria, thank you, didn’t know a quarter of that!

    Did you know that lemon juice is also very good for cleaning? Solid copper and solid brass come up a treat with it!



    you know that I love you’ but I have to disagree with two points,1 as you get older ,it is not lack of  acid ,but rather too much of it, 2′ and as far as scurvy  in the old sailing days ,I think you have your fruits mixed up, it was not lemons that solved the problem,but  I enjoyed the read thank you,X



    Yes Cliff it was Limes the old sailors used when sailing to America hence our nickname Limies



    It was both from what I read cliff and yes they did call them ‘limies’ but lemons did play a part in places and i did say that it is USUALLY caused by too little acid…I have been studying human biology. I can only write what I am taught.



    I love you too cliff! I am sure you will continue to keep me right :P

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