• johnmichael posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Good morning all,anyone know the best care for a pointsettia plant regarding watering e.t.c.(thanks) :good:

    • Good morning JM I read up and it suggested giving the plant 12-14 hours of dark, so I cover with a light black plastic bag after misting all over at night. Then also, NOT to over water, but mist in the warm, and I feed mine once a week with a solution of tomato-type feed. It has responded well so far. Good luck :good:
    • Thankyou and good morning Tubs :high-five:
      I was worried that if I left it unwatered for 2 weeks it would suffer, so that reassures me :good:

    • I have noticed that there are many in the supermarkets now, and they are a much brighter red than mine, which started off that way, but is now forming crimson, rather than scarlet bracts. :rose:

    • It’s a friendly bee though Tubs :lol: and a very reassuring one :good: HAND :rose: :rose: