• karenp posted an update 4 months ago

    Evening all, used up my last 2 days of holiday, disappointed with yesterday as rained most of it, but today was glorious so was up the plot this morning, emptied one of the compost bins and spread over one of the beds, managed to dig over one of the veg beds and was pleased as wasn’t too soggy to do, did a bit of strimming too, so pleased at least one of the days wasn’t wasted :good:
    HAGE :-)

    • Bravo Karen … it feels good when you get jobs under your belt doesn’t it. So back to deliveries tomorrow? There will be peops glad to see you I bet. Nightnight :rose:

    • Well done Karen, it’s so satisfying when you make a good start. :good:

    • I’m waiting to be gripped by the same resolve you have shown, Karen – and waiting and waiting….. Did manage to sow seeds yesterday, but must get outside for some heavier stuff.