• karenp posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Morning all, bit overcast at the moment but pleasantly warm, sat in the garden having a cuppa listening to the birds, hens out of the coop and doing their usual morning routine of stretching and flapping their wings before tucking into the pellets and :cute:
    On watching springwatch last night I downloaded the British bumble watch onto my phone, was quite pleased with myself as usually need my son’s help for this :confused: Yay :lol: getting there at last :good:
    I do love taking photos of bees and with the garden and allotment i have hopefully more variety, clever app as I did put a photo of one of the bees i took the day before and it recognised it, so hopefully I might be able to learn about the different species, also I really must get myself mason bee home or make one as found that fascinating on how they lay their larvae in these homes and the hatching of these amazing creatures :love:
    Anyway hope you all have a wonderful day :-)

    • Morning Karen, I’m doing the same, have just taken my breakfast outside, just love being able to do that. :good: Well done on the bee app, we’ve seen loads about this year. Enjoy your day. :-)

    • Morning Karen :-) I hope you put some of your bee photos in the Bee Group – make your own album :good: Have a buzzing day ;-)

      • Hi Karen, it’s good to make the most of a lovely quiet time in the morning :good:
        And yes Jane will have to do that too bzzzz ;-)

      • I’d love to be able to do what you have just managed with your phone – but both of us are too old and limited in our abilities. But it sounds really interesting Karen.

        • Morning Karen. I put a bee app on my phone last year but still can’t reckgnise most bees. However, we have 5 bee houses on the wall and they are filling up nicely. It is fascinating watching them coming and going in and out. :-)

          • Hi Sheila I do have a new phone now so much easier for me :good: and Cilla bet it is interesting with the activity in those bee boxes, amazing how they find them too :-)