• karenp posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Saw our young Fox in the garden again this evening, still unable to get a clear photo, our neighbour was really pleased as he saw the Fox this afternoon moving among the brambles on the other side of his fence, he also never had time to get his phone to get a photo :confused:
    Seems to be on its own, not sure whether it’s just moving further away from its den, our neighbour was concerned if its getting hungry, I did say there must be food around, hopefully some of our rat population ;-)

    • So long as it’s not chicken Karen ;-)
      It’s rather exciting to see the foxes, especially when they are fit and young. My only worry is when I see one that looks mangy … that’s sad.

      • I know, just got to be very vigilant now, hens only in the open run when I’m either in garden or kitchen as alfie is always in the garden then :good:
        Did read that mange seems to be the cause of premature deaths, very sad :-(