• karenp posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    afternoon all, well I finally plucked up the courage and started clearing out our rat infested shed, it’s 10 by 8 , went in first with a broom mainly for the web’s but to wack anything that may have ran towards me :confused:
    Thankfully doesn’t appear to have any residents living there now just the usual signs of nesting areas :-(
    Filled 10 sacks and also took some picnic chairs to the tip as the rats had crawled over these, very pleased as my old deck chair was fine, just washed the frame in hot bleach and took the cover off to wash this, looks like new now ;-)
    Still got the other half to do but hubby and i need to get the trailer as these items can’t be bagged and there’s no way they’re going in my car :confused:
    Anyway very pleased with what I managed to do but will definitely be having to replace this shed as the rats had chewed through the side and also have lots of earth in a pile in the middle, anyway that will have to be next year for that now ;-)
    Hagd all :cool: :notacloudinsight: :cowboy: