• karenp posted an update 8 months, 1 week ago

    Found this very quiet cove called Menabilly, as you can see you park in a farmers field and put money in an honesty box, found this cove as lots of the beaches on the south side of Cornwall have no dogs allowed during the summer season and this one allowed them, so glad as might not have found this perfect location :good:
    Tent to dry out today then that’s everything cleaned and dried for next year, HAGD all :-)
    • And that’s Alfie enjoying the water :good:

    • What a beautiful spot Karen, love the Cornwall area. :good:

    • My comments are not ‘taking’ on the individual photos Karen, but I so agree with KarenVV … it looks beautiful, and in the other set that you posted recently, Alfie looks so glossy and happy. he’s a beautiful dog :love: :rose:

    • Reminds me of a Baobab tree … well that worked :dance: :lol: :rose:

    • Try again …. ytppee! I was trying to say that i wish that hodpital carparks would introduce parking fees of this nature karen, then we could afford to us them. I do understand the reasons for not oinfg so and it’s a pity. :rose:

    • Thanks Karen I do love Cornwall even with all the changes over the years, Anne i just loved that tree and a very wind swept look it had ;-) , and yes Anne it’s a shame about hospital car park charges which are shockingly high too :-(