• karenp posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Evening all :-) , well we’ve had some lovely weather over the last few days, been tying back plants and dead heading, finally cut down my 10ft sunflower :-( flowers had turned into some whoppa seed heads :good: , have left some out for the birds to pick out and put the rest in the mini greenhouse to use later for them, have been saving the sunflower seed heads from my orange and lemon sunflowers so hopefully will be able if the seeds are good to share these around my clicker friends :lol:
    Will update later on these :-)
    Anyway feeling so much better even mowed the lawn yesterday and felt so satisfied being able to do a bit more now, I drove up to the plot Monday with my hubby to check on things, all seems ok, picked some more tomatoes which I’ll make some tomato soup with, did use a recipe my brother gave me to oven dry some using garlic fresh thyme, olive oil and sprinkling of sugar was in the oven on low heat for 4hrs now Jared with olive oil and in the fridge, apparently will stay fresh for 4 weeks :dunno:

    • Evening Karen, glad your feeling better and managing some garden time, the weather is brilliant for the time of year :good:
      I’m trying to save seed too would love some of the sunflower seed, they are on my list for next year :-)
      Enjoy the rest of the week In the sunshine :rose:

    • Good news that you seem to be feeling much better Karen :good: And you’ve been a busy lass. :-)

    • Glad to hear you’re doing well, Karen :good: Have a great day today!

      • Glad to hear you are on the mend Karen and enjoying your garden and plot. Those tomatoes sound good :-)

    • Dear Karen, really glad the weather is co-operating in helping you get back on to your feet. Bet you were sorry to say goodbye to the 10ft monster, but you can always grow another one next year. Like the sound of that tomato recipe – sadly won’t be able to try it until next year now, but a definite for then.

      • Thank you all, Lynn if the seeds look good you more than welcome to some of them :-) and the tomato recipe is lovely I had some with my cheese on toast today :good:
        Will have to post the recipe soon :good: