• karenp posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    Evening all, haven’t been on here for a while, very busy up the allotment and the garden and my on my time does fly too, well what lovely weather we’ve had this pass week, just a shame it’s not so good today :bad:
    Busy weekend too, were going on a river boat shuffle tomorrow night, the last time I sent on one of those I was 17yrs :confused:
    It’s on the Solent so just hope the weather is fine and not too breezy :dunno:
    Then on Sunday my hubby will be using his red letter day gift from us as he’s off up in a helicopter for a tour of the Thames and london, afraid I’m not going as not good with heights and would be terrified up there, I will be watching him take off though ;-)
    Anyway have a fab weekend yourselves :-)

    • Enjoy that shuffle Karen……would that be dancing? I hope your OH enjoys his helicopter trip :-)

    • Hallo Karen … lovely to ‘see’ you and clearly having a good weekend in store. Hope it goes really well for both of you :love:
      Hasn’t it been great for growing … am really enjoying it. Am guessing that the chooks are in fine fettle too? :love:
      Have a lovely weekend :rose:

    • Hello Karen :-) hope tomorrow goes well for your OH!

      • thank you :-) was certainly a fun weekend :good: yes Cilla we did a bit of dancing as was an eighties night so plenty of music from our era ;-), there was an hen party too, they dressed up with the eighties theme which made us feel rather old :dunno: , but we all joined in with the singing and dancing though :lol:
        then yesterday we went to Surrey for my hubbys flight over London which he enjoyed, so glad i didn’t go as the pilot tipped the helicopter to one side for a better view for them :confused: definitely would have not liked that :-(
        hens are fine too and enjoying the sun when it appears :cool: