• karenp posted an update 1 month ago

    afternoon all, didn’t expect such heavy showers today :confused: , very lucky though when delivering the meals as the heavy downpours came as i was driving to the next person, hows that for a bit of luck :good:
    but i got well and truly caught out walking Alfie :confused: even he wasn’t happy and was eager to get home, needless to say we were both soaked, we both were literally dripping when we got in, thankfully i did have Alfies towel ready, should have had one ready for me too :dunno: ;-)
    thankfully got lots done in the garden yesterday :good:
    anyway fingers crossed for some good weather later this week :-)

    • Good evening Karen…make sure you dry yourself as well as Alfie ;-)
      HAGE :rose:

    • cilla replied 1 month ago

      Hi Karen. We had a heavy shower after lunch but it cleared quickly. They do say good weather is on its way :fingers-crossed: