• karenp posted an update 2 weeks ago

    Afternoon all , not long back after walk with Alfie up the park, not too much damage up there in the woods too, a few fallen branches so very lucky :good:
    Popped up to the plot had some repairs on the polytunnel, will go up again tomorrow to tape up some small holes before they get bigger, don’t seem too much damage after the weekend, we seemed to get away with lots of damage, the isle of White seems to shelter Southampton so those 97 miles wind speeds the needles had didn’t reach us thank goodness :good:
    Do hope none of you had too much damage as all of the country seemed on Amber alert :confused:
    Garden was very soggy thankfully hens were ok as the run has a roof on which thankfully stayed secured too, just got wet getting to them to let them out and then shut them in at night :love: