• karenp posted an update 3 months ago

    Morning all, what a lovely day it is, sun shining and birds singing beautifully too, managed to get some lettuce seed from the farm shop, can’t believe how hard it is getting these once normal plentiful packets of seed veg,, did sow some but use by date was 2017 and didn’t take but thought I’d try, so very happy when I purchased these today :good:
    Lovely atmosphere even in the queue to get into the farm shop, they had also rolled up the greenhouse sides we had to walk past so I also bought 2 Bell pepper plants, think this crisis is going to get a lot more growing their own from now on, hope they all stick to it and get a good crop this year.
    Anyway enjoy your Easter weekend all and stay safe 😊

    • Hallo Karen :love:
      I have just sown my last few ‘Allan’s beans’ after soaking them a bit. They looked very wizened so I hope that they grow. We’d be lost without Allan’s beans in Autumn :-)
      Have a good Easter weekend too and look after yourself :rose:

      • Yes Anne totally agree there, such a good flavour too, have a lovely weekend too 😍

    • Morning Karen :-) Yes, a rush on how to garden, I think! Have a great weekend! I expect your girls are working extra hard this weekend ;-)