• karenp posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    Afternoon 😊 nice and sunny today but bit of a chill though with the breeze, just pottering in the garden today, potted on some lettuce, do find it easier to start them this way as better chance once planted out up the lottie, did plant out some sunflower plants in the garden and some pot marigold I bought at the garden centre, do love these as the bees do too and slugs don’t 😉
    At least these will self seed in the garden too 👍
    Hubby cut back the jungle that’s growing over from my neighbours garden, usually it’s my job as he’s working all the time but due to these times he’s not so I thought whilst he’s home it’ll be very good for him 😁
    Having a cuppa then I’ll clean out the hens ❤️
    Have a lovely weekend all 😊

    • Hallo Karen … I am potting on lettuce too … thinking of keeping them in pots individually as those I planted in the raised bed were eaten by slugs :bad: Enjoy your weekend, and stay safe :love: :rose:

      • Hi Karen. I planted out 6 lettuce that I raised in modules and I have another six still in modules. Good to give hubby something to do, don’t want him getting bored :lol: Have a lovely weekend :-)

    • Hello Karen :-) Glad to hear you’ve got your OH under control – Good feet up time for you :good: :lol:

      • Good morning Gals :lol: Guess what! Four potted lettuce decimated … gone! from pots in the cold frame this morning!
        After further inspection, three smug snails sitting on the lower shelf in after-dinner snugness ….as Sadie said “Buerk!” :rose:

        • Oh, damn and blast on your behalf, Anne :-( I can only say that my best lettuce are those overwintered in one big pot that’s now outside on quite a high ‘table’ that ‘they’ haven’t found yet. Have you got more seedlings? Have you got seeds?

          • Thankyou for the expletives Jane…duly sent in ‘THAT DIRECTION’ :lol:
            I have more seedlings, and a few more seeds to plant at a later date.
            Have checked pots for any possible snail eggs, and of course the lower shelves [which incidentally started off immaculate!] for more intruders and given found ones flying lessons ;-) I just wonder, in the spirit of experimentation, if the decimated roots might yet re-spring forth cut-&-come-again style? will watch, wait and let you :lol: :good: :rose: know in due time