• karenp posted an update 2 months ago

    Afternoon all, making the most of this glorious weather, a bit of weeding then planted some cosmos that was just too big now for the pots, have some more to go in but still a bit small and they need a fighting chance with the slugs :confused:
    Having a cuppa then will clean the hens out :love:
    Had a relaxing day yesterday, made some cakes for the afternoon tea in the garden and what a glorious day it was to celebrate VE day :good:
    Just us 3 though :-(
    Was in conversation via WhatsApp with my family, a bit of competition going on ;-)
    But good banter though :-)
    Have a fab day all :good:

    • WhatsApp is great isn’t it Karen :lol: BTW, do your hens eat slugs? :rose:

      • Morning Karen. It was glorious weather and had great fun in our village :-)

      • Sorry for such a late reply, yes they do even though I’d rather they didn’t as they get worms this way :-( but thankfully worming them regularly should solve this :good:

        • Good gracious…do hens need worming too? :shout: I have reached 76 before I knew that!!! and we had hens in the garden when i was very small too :lol: :confused: :rose: