• karenp posted an update 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    Morning all, been busy up the plot and in the garden, well we’ve truly been well watered this week in the end, got absolutely soaked on Thursday with those torrential downpours even at one stage I had no choice but to wade through the flooded roads to deliver the dinners, afraid my pumps just were not high enough so the water was above my ankles and flowed straight into the pumps :confused: , thankfully the worst of the rain had eased so cost did keep my upper half dry, I delivered the dinners squelching all the way, we did all laugh though when we got back to the kitchens as we were all a bit bedraggled , anyway none of us were hurt which is the main thing in these conditions, I did however pull over for 10 minutes when the visibility was really poor which it seems we all did :good:
    Anyway sat at the moment with hair dye on waiting for it to tske, don’t know about you all but am desperate for a haircut, have been trimming sections off here and there ;-)
    Anyway weather looks to improve next week, will be up early tomorrow to see the sunrise hopefully :cute:
    Have a good weekend :-)

    • Gosh ,you are brave Karen :-) Bravo on the deliveries and the hair!! I trimmed off a few ends the other day cos it seems to be so thin, but I have that sort of fine hair anyway :bad: Big Hugs for you and Alfie :lol: Have a super weekend xx :rose:
        • I like to see those on Tv with their hair getting longer or home cuts. Always wanted to be a hairdresser.
          • The hair is just getting wilder looking so wearing bandana hairband now, hubby keeps calling me a hippy which doesn’t bother me I just ignore him 😊
            And Tubs its been wierd weather here as someone was saying that Portsmouth was dry and when they were heading this way on the m27 there was literally a line on the motorway where the rain was 🌧️
          • I am only about 30 ish miles east of you and hardly any rain this week, Being of older generation and in the country had to cut my own hair when young and thankfully never lost the knack.
            • Sounds like a work-day and a half (at least), Karen! I remember your hair from Cardiff and it’s lovely! Wild is good :cool: