• karenp posted an update 3 weeks ago

    Betty our sweet little hen sadly had to be put to sleep this morning, she was about 5yrs I had taken her to the vets 2 weeks ago as she had a respiratory infection did have antibiotics but sadly went downhill quickly yesterday so felt it kinder to take her to the vets this morning, must say had a jolly good grizzle driving home :-(
    Anyway got straight out there and gave the coop and run a thorough deep clean, new bark as well, now we have a dilemma as molly is all we have left now, the farm where we get them from won’t have any till middle August I have emailed them for help as don’t want her on her own, did look at local rescue centres but all they have are Cockerells, don’t think our neighbours would appreciate it, anyway hopefully will have a companion or 2 for her soon, thankfully I’m off this week so will keep her company too :cute:
    • This is molly all on her own now, she doesn’t look too bothered thankfully :good:
    • How very sad Karen … am so sorry :disappointed: gOOD LUCK WITH FINDING COMPANIONS FO
      Hallo Karen … so sorry to hear about little Betty; I hope you find a companion for Molly soon :fingers-crossed: :rose:

      • Thanks Anne, waiting to hear from hen rescue now so fingers crossed :good:
        • cilla replied 3 weeks ago
          Oh Karen, so sorry to read that, poor Betty. I hope you find a companion for Molly soon. :love:
          • Morning Karen, so sorry to hear about Betty, we get so attached to our animals – quite rightly too. :love: Fingers crossed that the hen rescue centre can help out with a companion for Molly.
            • Brilliant news Bryan the farmer I always go to has contacted me, he as some points of lay ready tomorrow so I will be picking her up then, we’ve all been keeping Molly company, both our sons are home too so lots to speak to her and Alfie too keeping a watchful eye ;-)
              Feel very lucky as during this pandemic he did stop the raising of hens due to those producing the fertile eggs were profiteering and he refused to go along with this :good:
              • Morning Karen. That’s great news, I bet you can’t wait :-) Look forward tomseing the photos of the new girl and her name 🐔 :-)
                • So glad to hear you’ll soon have company for Molly :-) It’s good if she’s not on her own for long. Good morning and fingers crossed all goes well :rose:
                  • Definitely photos to come too :good:
                    • How brilliant Karen :-) Look forward to the photos :good: :-) :rose:
                      • Ooooh, smashing news, yes please on the photos from me too. :good: :-)