• karenp posted an update 3 months ago

    Evening all, went to the plot this morning, weeding watering and tieing up the tomatoes and cumumbers in the polytunnel, came back then cut the grass and tidied the borders, am sat in the garden with glass of wine listening to the swifts, Molly and Gloria are tucked up in the coop now :love:, things seem to be settling down now, just a bit of feather pulling now and again nothing serious thank goodness, for such a young bird Gloria is definitely going to be the head girl as predicted by the farmer, these breeds are quite bossy, thankfully Mollys breed is quite laid back and will except this, she was never the top girl with the others, they are such characters, until I started keeping hens had no idea, do find others who do keep them feel the same as i do, you just can’t loving them :love:
    Have a lovely weekend, and hope if it rains its just enough to water so we can enjoy our gardens and the outdoors :-)