• karenp posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    At last summers back, lots of gardening done and very pleased now, barbecue on and sat having a glass of wine, perfect 👌, noticed today lots of swifts in the sky darting around, seemed late this year, but so good to see them, I do look forward to them each year, cheeky blackbirds been helping themselves to my blueberries, thankfully enough for all of us, have a lovely weekend all 😊

    • We ate our [ahem] dozen blackcurrants last night. The Blueberries didn’t produce this year :disappointed: I think that Monty Don might have given me some advice to reinvigorate them on the last Gardeners’ World :good: :-) HAGE Karen stay safe … hugs for Alfie and the girls :love: :rose:
        • I had a good crop this year, I did feed them in the spring and netting them helped,only two of the four blueberries plant s have produced any fruit.💐🌻
        • Evening Karen, yes it’s good to have the summer back. The rain was needed. OH built me a fruit cage this year over the gooseberries, blackcurrants, Tay berries etc. I bet the raspberries separately. 🥀🌼
            • Morning Karen. Sounds like your day was good and great to see the sun again. I hope the girls and Alfie are well and happy. 🐔🐔🐶
            • Morning Karen :-) Have a lovely day today :-)
                • Anne a couple of weeks ago Monty did mention that blueberries don’t like tap water if too much lime in it, so I try to now reserve the water from the butt just for them ;-)
                  Lynn that’s a good idea with a fruit cage, I could do with a walk in one up the allotment would be so much easier for the weeding too :good:
                  Thanks Cilla the girls and Alfie are doing great, Gloria our Newby enjoys chasing the sparrows though :confused:
                  Thanks Jane hope you had a good day too :-)
                    • :good: Yes :-) thanks Karen … That was it, that and pruning wrongly, and apparently a three year cycle too? It all suddenly got very complicated for me :confused: :bad: Try again next year … watch this space :lol: :rose: