• Sounds like the feeding is not a problem Cilla, :-) so that just leaves watering and pollination. To be honest I think the most likely problem is poor pollination when it was inside the greenhouse. If it looks healthy and is producing flowers it should be fine now that it is outside. :yes:

  • karenp posted an update 4 years, 9 months ago

    Afternoon all, went up to the plot at 10 this morning had a jolly good potter about sowed some more carrot seeds and tied Alan’s Rhonda black runner beans to the poles it’s so windy up there today, earthed up the main crop, back now and potted on my yellow courgettes but snapped 1 :cry: so glad I sowed an extra 2 just in case was so annoyed at…[Read more]

    • Hi Karen, I think you ad Lynn are the only ones to not have rain…………..I’m so pleased for you……grrrrr ;-)
      Good to know someone is keeping the gardening flag flying as everyone else seems chained to the kitchen today. :-(

    • Really pleased you have some sun Karen, but you might have shared it, :cry:

    • Afternoon Karen, Cilla &VV, have just come back from plot to, got lots done, had a couple of light showers, I worked through them like a dedicated gardener I am :wacko: things beginning to grow really well apart from parsnips :-(
      I’ll send you some sun Karen&Cilla, HAGA all :rose:

      • Oooh cheers Lynn that would be very welcome. :good: Parsnips will come through – in their own good time. :whistle: When did you sow them?

        • Hopefully with these high winds it just might blow towards you all :yes:
          I had to resow my carrots as ones I sowed end of March never came up either but the blooming weeds did :negative:

        • about 2-3 wks ago?

          • As long as it was fresh seed then give them a about a month, before you resow. :yes:

            • I’m feeling a little smug as my parsnips and carrots are through! Did manage an hour in the garden. sowed a few flower seeds. Made a closer inspection as to what was eating my hostas in pots and looked under the bricks they were standing on…….1 dozen slugs and snails relocated!!! Just had cuppa and scone in the conservatory while it BUCKETED…[Read more]