• Walt posted an update 13 minutes ago

    Blight warnings in the South. I sprayed 50% of the Potatoes & Tomatoes with ‘Blight Guard’, the other 50% with ‘something else’ ;-) Fingers crossed on the ‘Blight Guard’ :fingers-crossed:

  • Evening all, a warm afternoon once the cloud disappeared, Pilates this morning, my back is slowly becoming less stiff. Planted my tall scabiosa, just the cosmos to go. Mowed the grass too :good: more strawberries for tea, think we will have to be eating them all week!!! :lol:
    Off to watch the England match will we be cheering or head in hands…[Read more]

  • Afternoon clickers :-) sent work back and started more that came in! Been outside a lot though and have sown more beets and radish. Also netted the raspberries and blackcurrants this morning. A very windy but sunny day, so not bad. Have a nice evening :-)

    • Got outside late on, and planted the last of the dahlias, nicotiana and rudbeckia in the back border. This is all part of a feverish drive to clear the back of the house of everything that would get in the way of roughcasters’ scaffolding – not that I have a start date yet, but there is a lot of “stuff” to relocate – and they also want space in…[Read more]

  • This looks great Jane :good: Just downloaded the app so will see how I go with it. A bit late to the party.as ever, but better late than never! :-)

  • Hayley posted an update 9 hours, 44 minutes ago

    Good morning all :rose: Back now from GW Live :rose: Good show again and my friend achieved a silver gilt for her ‘beautiful border’ show garden. :high-five: Just a few plants slipped in my trolley…and this morning I found this 16 spot orange lady in my bathroom, favourite food? Mildew! Might just leave her to get on with the job :good:

    [Read more]

    • Quite a beauty, Hayley :good:

    • Plant me, plant me, again and again…. :lol: Lovely! What’s the one on the far right?

    • The one on the right is digiplexis – I know because I have had my eye on it for a few weeks. It’s a cross between digitalis and Isoplexis from the Canary Islands. The virtue of the cross is that it produces flowering spikes from late Spring until first frosts. The flowers are sterile, but the plant is perennial and is increased by division.

    • Hello Hayley, well done to your friend :good: your flowers look lovely. Good to have you back :rose:

  • gertie posted an update 10 hours, 22 minutes ago

    Good morning All … from a cloudy, but bright CP …. back to the garden today, :good:
    Lovely to see Ginnybean … Hi Ginny :high-five: :clover:
    HAGD All :rose:

    • Hello Anne :-) it’s been windy but lovely here – hope you’ve had a good day :-)

      • And lovely to see you too, Anne. Wish we had brightness like you have – it’s grey and chilly up here. Hope you have had a satisfying and enjoyable day. :rose:

  • Have had a lovely weekend in the company of the wee one and his parents. I find it quite easy to let my inner child out to play in the toddler’s company – and invariably return from these jaunts feeling mentally years younger, but physically absolutely knackered. It’s a strange mixture.
    Bit disappointed that the scrubby bit of grass under the…[Read more]

    • Hi Sheila :-) you might want to sow some grass suitable for woodland shade. I have some – let me know if you’d like a couple of handfuls.

      • The poverty of the grass is caused by very many intrusive roots from the cherry tree which apart from sending up suckers and causing knobbles , lumps and bumps all over the place, is also grabbing all plant nourishment from the area.I don’t know that re-seeding would help that situation, Jane – but many thanks for your kind offer.

  • cilla posted an update 12 hours, 38 minutes ago

    Time to get up. Laters :-)

  • cilla posted an update 13 hours, 18 minutes ago

    Good morning clickers. Another restless night and early wake. We went off for a short walk yesterday morning by the river and it was so lovely that we ended up walking 6.25 miles……I felt really fit too, nothing ached, unusually. After lunch I sorted some pots out and filled two bags with made compost. I don’t want to put them on the borders…[Read more]

    • Morning Cilla :-) sorry to hear Robert’s not too good – does this mean a trip to the vet? Brilliant doing 6.25 miles :good: Always a shame to have to do h/w – I must put some washing in while we still have cheap leccie ;-)

    • Morning Cilla, sorry about your bad sleeping again honey. :-( And that is a bit worrying about Robert, does he get fur balls? I know Moo, goes off her food from time to time and that’s often the cause. Sounds like you had a great day yesterday. :good: Have a good day. :-)

      • Morning Karen. It could be anything. I wormed him on saturday after his bird and baby rat meals but he has never reacted to wormer before……but you know what an enigma cats are ;-)

    • I am attuned to Alfie’s normal behaviour and habits – and like you are, I am concerned about any departure from normal – and I very much hope that Robert will soon be his usual self. Am amazed that 2 people can find three loads of washing at one go – I hardly ever do more than one at a time – bet you are rubbing your hands together in…[Read more]

      • Good morning Bean and thank you on Robert’s behalf. One load of washing was bed linen and be proud of me because I actually hung up in the wardrobe two garments which I didn’t iron :lol: :lol: :lol:

        • Wow!

          But will you succumb to the ironing urge, before you wear them again? My wardrobes are so stuffed, that I often have to do that. Think this means that I should give some stuff to a charity shop.

  • Morning clickers :-) just been for a walk – quite pleasant but no wildlife – and it’s eased OH’s back which he’d said was hurting a bit. Got a bit of work to finish today but should only be an hour. Yesterday I planted my 2 sunflowers in one of my new pots and 5 of Cilla’s rudbekia in the other :good: The nicandra keep getting attacked though…[Read more]

    • Morning Jane. The slugs adore nicandra……if they are in a pot spray the rim with WD40, if they are in the ground not much we can do. I have some green tomatoes too :good:

      • Hi Cilla :-) I’ll spray one pot, the other one has copper tape around. The slugs got my newly planted out rocket last night too – grrr!

        • I eliminated quite a few slugs and snails that were hiding in pots yesterday……I hope they like being at the noisy neighbour’s house :lol: I can’t believe there is so much slug and snail damage when it is so dry :-(

    • Morning Jane, oooooh tomatoes, :good: wouldn’t be long till you are munching those. :-) My beetroot is being very slow. but at least it survived Hector. ;-) Enjoy your day petal. :-)

      • Morning Karen :-) it’s a good job some veg is hardy – glad to hear the beets survived :good: Are you busy today?

        • Morning again Jane, shot off for a lovely long swim before the hordes arrived. ;-) Have missed a few days recently and it was good to get back to it. A little work to finish then hoping to get some strimming done. :good:

          • Hope you’ve had a good day, then, Karen :good: I missed my skips in Oxford and forgot to do them this morning, too – tut!

            • Tsk, tsk on the skipping. :lol: It ended up wet so no strimming, but had a very pleasant faff in the greenhouse for a couple of hours. ;-) See you ended up with more work. :bad:

    • I just wish I had a camera to let you see the trusses on my Gardener’s Delight tomatoes – no wonder they are so popular! The plants are producing trusses which fork into two parts which are both more than 2 ft. long, and will potentially produce more than 50 tomatoes each. I’ve never seen anything like them before – and am in a sweat wondering…[Read more]

      • Wowser, how wonderful. Despite all my tomato plants they only produce a few pathetic looking trusses however well I look after them.

      • Morning Sheila :-) brilliant on the trusses! Yes, they are cherries but they won’t be uniform in size. I don’t worry overmuch about tying them up until I can’t get past them in the g/h. I just tie the main stem to bamboo. But then, I’m restricted for space as the g/hs are the half ones. I read that Charles Dowding puts string under the compost as…[Read more]

        • I also tie my tomato plants to bamboo canes – don’t like the string method because of the amount of weight which tends to make the string dig into the stem of the plants, and does not allow for expansion of the main stem. But I have seen the flow of nutrients into the truss impeded because of the weight of the fruit – and in one instance the…[Read more]

  • Couldn’t sleep so I thought I would pop on here and see what’s been going on…Got work tomorrow morning… Cant find any glasses so squinting at the keyboard to type… Rain today so nothing done in the garden…. I have dug a little pond in the front garden the other week…. Was going to put a fiberglass liner in but when I moved a couple of…[Read more]

    • Good morning Ginny, lovely to have you back. I love the sound of your pond, is there an underground spring? It will be exciting to watch its progress. :-)

    • Hello Ginnybean :-) brilliant to have a natural pond in your garden and I bet that frog was happy :good: You should put some picture on ;-)

    • This all sounds potentially terrific, Ginny. I am full of regret that I didn’t have the foresight to make a pond when I came here, if only to encourage the frog population, and decrease the slugs. But you will get more than that from a pond – which can alter the mood in a garden quite considerably, can’t it?

  • Not been on for a while and was worried when I saw the tiny log in box. but the log in worked fine……Not got my glasses on… disappeared… so hard work anyway…… Good luck with the re-vamp… I will go and […]

  • gertie posted an update 21 hours, 19 minutes ago

    Nightnight All :rose:

  • Hi Lynn, the sea can indeed stay rough after a storm, especially on exposed west coast where there is nothing between us and America. Not so much with the wind, it can disappear very quickly, depending on how […]

  • VegVamp posted an update 1 day ago

    Just been watching Countryfile, featuring my old sailing ground of lower Lough Erne, happy memories. :love: Good to see Fred and George Ternan still building boats – and sailing. ;-) It’s a very beautiful area if anyone gets the chance to visit it.

    • cilla replied 1 day ago

      It was a lovely programme Karen, just off to book my ticket ;-) :lol: What have you been up to today? ;-)

      • Evening Cilla, let me know when you are arriving then petal, I’ll pick you up from the airport and give you a guided tour. :-) :good: Glad you enjoyed it, you’d love Crom Estate on the Upper Lough too, it’s National Trust, so have a nosey. I’ve had a rivetingly boring day of washing ironing and general housework. :disappointed: It hissed down…[Read more]

    • Will watch it on iplayer, Karen – it sounds lovely :-) OH owes you for collecting his smelly washing :lol:

    • Indeed he does Jane – big time! :lol:

      • If you want a giggle, Karen, read the critic’s appraisal of last night’s Poldark on The Guardian website……obviously a lover of himself and a delightful read :lol:

  • dandlyon posted an update 1 day, 4 hours ago

    Afternoon clickers, its Murphy’s law day for me. Have needed a hair cut for a few days now, the barbers was busy so I thought leave it till Monday, scratched my face cutting back brambles, and after pricking out a load of plants, my nails and hands are shocking. Minister has just called me and asked if I will read the lesson tonight :lol:

  • I expect they are making up for lost time? Does the sea stay rough for a few days after a storm? Also the wind? I do admire them,I would have given up, especially not being able to sleep!!!

  • Morning clickers :-) was watching iplayer last night when OH noticed people wandering around our garden!! When I got to them, it was kids looking for their ball. On went the teacher’s hat and they got a grilling about politeness and using the doorbell. I then showed them where their ball was likely to be and yes, they found it.
    Pulled my garlic…[Read more]

    • Morning Jane. No respect any more, little beggars! I sowed some more beetroot yesterday. I gave up planting garlic, it just wasn’t worth it. Have a lovely day.. :-)

    • Rude wee monsters. :bad: Great result on the garlic though Jane. :good: Ooops and good morning. ;-)

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