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    NorthernTeacher - "Morning clickers:-) A bright start to the day and some beets in the oven roasting in cheap electricity ;-) Lots of activity in the homemade bird feeder this morning. Not sure what I’m doing today apart from […]"View
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    flowerpotlynn - "Afternoon all,a blustery day,but has been dry with fair amount of sunshine. Kale plant’s planted& covered. More weeding!!! Deadheading and watering. Plus 600+g of gooseberries picked along with 200+grams of […]"View
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    VegVamp - "Morning Clickers, dreadful day of rain yesterday but a lovely visit with a friend in the morning and then I collected a new laptop :dance: :dance: in the afternoon so I had a great pm playing with my new toy. […]"View
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    cilla - "Morning clickers. A busy afternoon in the garden yesterday. I dug out another carex and other stuff round it…..I can now see into the pond at the other end now. Emptied a pot which has had a hosta in it for […]"View
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    gertie - "Just a few days ago, we had delightful light and shade, but now we are back to cloud and heat :bad: hey ho, and not even proper rain here @KarenVV ;-) Still it’s okay. Nightnight Folks: HAGD tomorrow and stay safe […]"View
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    mick1970 - "Good evening hope all is well , not really been up to much work and pottering. Plants are all going forward ,still a good 100 to pot on running out of space the boss should be arriving back soon so he can take […]"View
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    Owdboggy - "Sunshine is very pleasant. Neighbour from below us came and said that the Fence people are coming to do his fence next week. Since he ordered it 6 weeks after we did, we are going to be very annoyed if they are […]"View
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    seasider - "Oh and with all the excitement I forgot, I also received another blight warning, roll on summer :fingers-crossed: "View
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    ronvalley - " "View
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    Yewbarrow - "morning all, bit damp outside, electricians about to start again, sorting out emails etc before we get electric off for a while, enjoy your day folks, keep safe"View
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    charlie13 - "Rain at last :good: "View
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    spatham60 - "Where has the sun gone…. I have moved my bird feeder to the other side of the garden away from the bushes the cat was hiding under… The good thing is that I can see them better…..I am hoping when the rain […]"View
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    Vashte-Coutts - "Fab day on the golf course , hubby’s birthday bash with 12 of us with me being the only lady in the group.Missed out on coming first by 1 point because the guy that won played of 35 :excruciating: "View
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    dandlyon - "Crazy weather continues, winds doing a lot of damage to runner beans, lots have lost potatoes to the frost, the tops grew back but nothing underneath, So for onions are showing promise, still a months growing time"View
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    Ambersparkle - "Morning Clickers, sorry not been on, but there are not enough Hours in the Day, plus with all this Rain, parts of my Anatomy have been playing up big time. Eating lots from the Garden, and can’t keep up with it, […]"View
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    Jenn - "Morning clickers. Still wet and cold here…just turned the heating off as it clicks on automatically when the house temp dips below a base temperature. Still, it looks to be brighter and warmer next week which […]"View
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    Hayleyagora - "Good morning all :-) a bit of a clearing up day here methinks. Organised a first camera club walk last night to an area called Chapel Bank. The view was amazing and despite the rain managed to capture some moody […]"View
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    dixon - "Evening gang, all looking good at the lottie, beans, peas, beetroot, strawberries and spuds, what it’s all about, plenty activity with the new plotholders. :-) First outing with the beancan this weekend, nice t […]"View
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    stuart - "Autumns winds are here :-( "View
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