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    dandlyon - "Worth while trip to the plot once the rain stopped"View
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    gertie - "Nightnight Lovely Peops :rose: "View
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    Vashte-Coutts - "The last show before the frost…."View
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    charlie13 - "what a change in the weather. feels like winter today. :bad: "View
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    Jenn - "Happy Birthday Dix – hope you are having a good day in spite of the weather :pissing-down: :cake: :beer: :present: "View
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    AliCat - "Evening all, busy day in the garden, most the mess is gone now so hopefully tomorrow I can do something a bit more enjoyable. Have loads of bulbs to plant but need to get some grit/gravel to line the planting […]"View
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    flowerpotlynn - "Evening all, a lovely day on Saturday 25d&very sunny, Sunday &today rain &more rain. The garden is looking a bit sad for itself, so a good tidy up tomorrow, but I think it’s just about finished all the summer […]"View
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    seasider - "I have been emptying the summer bedding pots and saving the geraniums to the greenhouse I didn`t realise how many I had planted. Some have grown massive I am thinking now I will have a go at taking some cuttings […]"View
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    ronvalley - "Gave 25lb of grapes away for jam making, They were a bit sharp for eating as I hadn’t thinned them out or reduced the bunches, So much jam here from the blackberries and blueberries we didn’t have jars for any more."View
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    raggedjack - " :walt: Birthdays…Dixon Beancan ;-) & Cliff Richard :drink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5mIq3yF6Nc"View
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    NorthernTeacher - "Morning clickers :-) too dark to see any rain and the radio is on so I can’t hear any either but it’s definitely due! Got some winter salad to sort out in the shelter of the greenhouse later. Hope you all have a […]"View
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    VegVamp - "Morning Clickers, what a great day yesterday after the awful rain Friday and Saturday. Managed lots of time in the garden, asparagus bed all weeded and some cabbage harvested and into the freezer, so a good day. […]"View
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    Yewbarrow - "afternoon each, busy morning at church shop, thought weekend weather would have put a lot of visitors off but no, kept coming through that door, lovely to meet so many interesting people too – enjoy your afternoon folks"View
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    mick1970 - "Good evening how’s all that was a stunning day Spent the morning doing the main lawns at work 1 more day grass cutting that’s it am not touching another lawn. My local gardens finished and am down to 3 from 9 […]"View
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    cilla - "Morning all, another wet one :-( I have to go to Sains for some things I forgot on friday but it should be quiet as it is half term week. I am meeting my oldest friend (we grew up together) two old neighbours from […]"View
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    dixon - "Morning clickers, thank you all for the birthday wishes, had a great ( if not wet ) day with friends and family. :-) "View
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    Hayleyagora - "Good evening all and a very Happy Birthday to dear Dix @dixon :rose: I hope you’ve had the best of days my friend. :cake: :present: :-) "View
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    Owdboggy - "Is everyone else getting the huge numbers of Ladybirds, like we are? :-) "View
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    Beanstew - "Quite glad to say today is a “day off” for me, and I will be faffing about doing precious little. I could finally dig over the fruit cage and spread some manure, but the ground is still soaking from yesterday’s […]"View
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    roly - "had two of days putting up a new fence with my builder Kevin finished it today looks good I think I’ve lost a few pounds digging post holes but its back to the allotment next week"View
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