• mick1970 posted an update 5 months ago

    Good morning how’s all. Snow has arrived hate the stuff never mind spring is just round the corner

    • Jenn replied 5 months ago

      Morning Mick, it’s getting closer every day…thank gawd!

    • Morning Mick :-) sorry to hear you’ve got snow :bad: Spring is definitely on its way though. Will you plan your garden?

    • I expect you hate it Mick because it gets in the way of things you want to do – did you really hate it when you were younger. Thought all boys were born loving slides and snowball fights and rubbing girls faces in it.

    • Hi Mick :high-five: Take some snow-pics ;-) :rose: HAGD :rose:

    • Good morning Mick. It’s not great if you have to drive in it for sure but you are right Spring is just around the corner :good: