• mick1970 posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    Good evening how’s all that was a stunning day Spent the morning doing the main lawns at work 1 more day grass cutting that’s it am not touching another lawn. My local gardens finished and am down to 3 from 9 …mine… next door and my mates mum

    • Walt replied 1 week ago


      • Cheers Walt I have recommended a local gardener …it’s a burden on your week when I could be doing nicer things after work

    • Good for you, Mick! Enjoy your free time :-)

    • Good grief, Mick – no wonder we weren’t seeing so much of you! It sounds like forced labour. Three cheers for freedom and a good work-life balance.!

    • Very wise decision Mick, :good: you haven’t had a second to yourself. As Sheila said, work/life balance is the key. :rose:

      • cilla replied 1 week ago

        Good to hear that Mick,m3 gardens is enough for anyone :good:

        • gertie replied 1 week ago

          I should say so too Mick. .. just watering three small gardens is enough for me when my friends go away! :lol: HAGWeekend :good: :rose: