• mick1970 posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Good afternoon hope all is good. Nothing growing to water this year. Steroid injected in the shoulder this morning what a horrible dull pain now.

    • ouch! … good luck with that Mick :good: .. is that going to work in the same way as knee injections do you think? Just enjoy all your beautiful green surroundings today, and HANO :rose:

      • Very similar Anne going for a possibility of surgery steroids don’t work very limited movement at the moment :-)

        • Oooh I ‘feel’ your pain Mick :disappointed: … I hope you get it sorted soon … it must be so frustrating, but I seriously hope that you can enjoy the countryside you so often show us through your camera, and you can take more pictures too :good: Good luck :good: :rose:
          & hugs for Chelsea :rose:

    • Morning Mick and Anne :-) Hope your shoulder pain stops soon, Mick :fingers-crossed:

      • Good evening Jane … Hope your van is sorted out … our car is done and will pass muster for a while :good:
        Nightnight :rose: