• mick1970 posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Good afternoon the covid jab was placed in me. I have never been so ill in my life. If it’s going to be a yearly occurrence I won’t be participating

    • Goodness Mick, that wasn’t so good. :-( Though to be honest even if I’d had a very bad reaction I think I’d still get it – the alternative could be much, much worse. Hope you’re feeling ok now? :rose: :clover:
        • We weren;t too good but it only lasted a day and I echo what Karen says. Hope you’re feeling better now :-)
        • understand that a reaction is a good confirmation that it is working, would still go for it even with side effects
          • Morning Mick :-) sorry to hear you have aftereffects – which vaccine did they give you?
              • Astranta one. Am just thinking its not for me still feel groggy still taking paracetamol. I have sickness ,fever ,headaches aches , I have a good tolerance of being ill but this was the something I have had no control
                  • Hi Mick, poor you! It sounds like a very strong reaction; the first i have come across. Hope you soon feel better :rose:
                      • Hi Anne I have had a headache since Wednesday. I walked the dog’s earlier for some fresh air. Hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight without waking up
                          • I sincerely hope that you are asleep now as I write Mick. Have a gentle day tomorrow and take care of yourself … hugs for Chelsea … nightnight :rose: :rose: