• gertie posted an update 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    @mick1970 Hi Mick… hope you are having a great weekend too :good: :rose:

  • gertie posted an update 8 months, 1 week ago

    @mick1970 Hallo Mick :high-five: How’s Bonnie Scotland chez vous this morning? :rose:

  • NorthernTeacher posted a new activity comment 9 months, 1 week ago

    Happy birthday to Chelsea, Mick @mick1970 :cake:

  • gertie posted an update 11 months ago

    @mick1970 Hi Mick :high-five: … hope your ‘Get-up-and-go’ has come back :good: HAGD
    Anne :rose:

    • Hello Anne am still in November mode takes me time to alter the routine ….the thoughts are still here but the motivation still at a low I go through it every year Anne but am fine mentally…i dont worry about it …i live with routines day to day just need to alter things body clock gets a little confused

      • Go with your flow then :good: … so to speak Mick :-) Am glad that you are okay…hugs for Chelsea too xx :rose:

  • gertie posted an update 11 months ago

    Good morning All :high-five: HALD :rose:
    Hope you are feeling more lively@mick1970 :rose:

  • gertie posted an update 12 months ago

    I am wondering how Mick got on with his wet dry stone wall building :confused: …… :waiting: HAGE Mick@mick1970 :lol: :rose:

    • Hello Anne waterproof s were on….hammer pins wellies drizzle was on all day got a fair bit built by lunch boss came out and it was to near the path…went up to the Window he was looking from…he could be right so going to rebuild a foot in…lovely wall but if it doesn’t go with the flow..still get paid

      • Evening mick and gertie. Like stone walling. :good:

        • Mmmm, so do I Dixon. Guess that was a ‘dry run’ then today Mick ;-) boom boom :silly:
          Just back from a delightful dinner chez friends :-) HALeoE both of you :good: :rose:

  • gertie posted an update 1 year ago

    Good morning busy Peops! Good luck @mick1970 and HALD All :good: :rose: Off shopping …Laters :high-five: :rose:

    • Good morning Anne – I’m just about off for some shopping too, the washing machine is on, and I’m even dressed. Have a lot to pack into today, as I am back up to Glasgow later today to keep cardiology appt tomorrow. Enjoy yourself today.

      • gertie replied 1 year ago

        Good luck for the cardiology apt Sheila :love: … enjoy the Glasgow visit as much as you can :good: HALfewdays … ‘see you’ back on the weekend. ;-) :rose:

    • Hello Anne :-) hope you’ve had a good day :-)

      • gertie replied 1 year ago

        Hallo Jane … yes thank you. Got the shopping and after lunch, did some washing, ironing [shhh! ;-) ]and went to the post box. Had coffee with Maria, then got down again to some serious Ted Tale writing from more photos she brought back from Switzerland along with another Ted, Paris ;-)
        Am wondering how our friends in Glasgow have been faring t…[Read more]

  • Jenn posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    Afternoon all – like Mick @mick1970 I have the sniffles :disappointed: Feel decidedly crappy so may nip to the gc to cheer myself up. Hope you are all having a nice Saturday – we have had a power cut this morning so am seriously behind on my tea drinking. I would have used the BBQ to boil the camper kettle but we have had showers and it’s…[Read more]

  • gertie posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    @mick1970 Good evening Mick :high-five: Did you all have a good day? :rose:

  • gertie posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    @mick1970 Hallo Mick :high-five: How are you today? :rose:

  • Wow have we got some fantastic produce and pretties in the show already, fab-u-lous. Keep them coming in. :good: I’m still looking for some more judges to come forward please. @beanstew, @ronvalley, @vegvamp, @mick1970, @ambersparkle, @any of you please :-) Any of you growers knows a thing or two about flowers, form, fruit, veg, varieties and…[Read more]

    • Dear Paula – I thought I had already volunteered – and I think you must have missed it. Have been sitting here quietly sobbing to myself, “Nobody wants me, just because I have been a rotten gardener this year”. So bring it on – I will rise to the challenge.

      • Sorry if I missed your hand being put up Sheila, & thank you maybe it was held aloft complete with a paint bush or spanner to confuse, I think if your garden may be rotten but just look around your daughters beautifully decorated house to wonder why! :good:

  • gertie posted an update 2 years, 1 month ago

    @mick1970 HI Mick :high-five: I found that hedge I was referring to, the one that’s trimmed regularly to within an inch of its existence!! :excruciating: … it’s third from the end in this PresOlympics10 blog. I love it :dance: :rose:

  • gertie posted an update 2 years, 6 months ago

    @mick1970 I see you lurking Mick :lol: How are you settling in ? A good evening I hope? :good: :rose:

  • Good one @Mick1970‘ that says it all. @karenp, I’m not sure yet if I’ve won the lottery with work. If I have I’ll be back home by lunchtime! Darn it if I haven’t :-(

  • NorthernTeacher posted a new activity comment 3 years, 2 months ago

    More than wildlife on my mind at the mo but yes, it should definitely be in the Wildlife Group gallery, pretty please :lol: @Mick1970

  • gertie posted an update 3 years, 10 months ago

    @mick1970 Very relieved that you at last have some straight answers and the prospect of proper support and care for your family with Chelsea Mick…I sincerely hope it all goes better from now on, and from the weekend too. Her school will help all they can with the right info and support too :good: Love and hugs from Crystal Palace too. :heart: :rose:

  • VegVamp posted an update 3 years, 11 months ago

    Morning Clickers, too dark to see what’s happening yet, but have a load of work on today anyway. Hope Sheila and Mick are missing most of that rain in Scotland. @BeanStew @Mick1970 Have a good day all. :-)

    • Morning Karen :bye: it’s not looking good up there :negative: so far staying dry here for the moment think we had enough rain last month the water butts were overflowing, anyway HAGD :yes:

    • Morning Karen, morning Karen :-) :-) Gawd, I hate changing the clocks B-) Good you’ve got work, Karen – free day for me again :yes: Have a good one :-)

    • Morning Karen and Karen. Just getting light here. Have a good one. :rose:

    • Morning girls, just looked at the forecast, not a good idea, :rake: :lol:

    • Good morning K and everyone :rose: Sunrise at 6.40 here now but setting at 16.40. I’ll spend all this week accounting for the extra hour we have and trying to fill it :wacko: Hope the rain eases in Scotland 100mm and still hammering :negative:

    • morning not to bad here bit murky and depressind looking…the rain to come in tomorrow am not that bothered i cant play out so i dont need to worry

  • gertie posted an update 3 years, 11 months ago

    @mick1970 those are beautiful pictures Mick…you won’t forget these birds any time soon ;-) :rose:

    • anne if you ever get a chance to go to a feeding station go i will never forget today…..should have got better pictures the birds put me on the spot i was kinda star struck,weather was poor it was windy and wet …one of the greatest things i have witnessed with my eyes…we have boooked another day when am a little stronger and we will make…[Read more]

      • thanks Mick…it sure is on my bucket list now :good:
        Look, sorry to bang on about it, but do you ever use PICASA? You clearly have some cracking shots, all in focus, and with just a bit of extra tweaking with light heightening etc. you could maybe get them back to what YOU saw, rather than what the camera caught? It’s not cheating, it’s common sense…[Read more]

    • i have a program on a disc which does it lightroom i think its called ….i do know a lot of pictures are tweaked …its not cheating i have read about it but to get the full potential of a picture it needs taking in raw format…….being honest messing with settings can produce the quality… todays pictures were panic shots not thinking…[Read more]

      • Completely understand where you’re coming from Mick, and it sounds as tho’ you know a lot more than I do about it, so I’ll shut up :lol: Crumbs, just wish my panic shots were as good as yours!!! :yes: :rose: Bravo :good: :rose:

        • listen anne i dont know much more and dont shut up we all learn off each other……nothing wrong with your pictures..just like to mess with settings thats all i am no expert …just like nice things just like yourself :yahoo:

  • gertie posted an update 3 years, 12 months ago

    @mick1970 Picture number 10 of the new post BBBB’n’B below Mick :yahoo:
    I think it shows something quite clearly wrong with those poor horse chestnut leaves don’t you? :unsure: :rose:

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