• mickyp posted an update 4 years, 3 months ago

    Anyone live near anslow in stoke on trent .wed.18th. im talking on raised beds & no dig cultivation . On wed . 25th . im in great wasey , oxford ( compost) . fri . 27th . in wolverhampton ( comp ) . Will bung on next months talks later on ……… get in touch if interested .

    • Good luck with those Micky :good: Anne, [but from London :-( ]

    • Hi Mickyp – very busy man, becoming even better known in horticultural circles! Do you ever get to Scotland?

      • the n.v.s. nationals are in dundee first weekend in sept , still got to get round the mrs . to come to that . Talk wise aint been asked as yet ! probably too far just for a day ……..