• mickyp posted an update 10 months, 3 weeks ago

    @gertie morning gertie , hope your well . tony says you are after some mycorrhizal fungi , still £5 a bag plus postage !

    • Good morning …er, afternoon Micky :high-five:
      Thank you, that’s brilliant :love:
      Tony has my address, but I haven’t got yours … should I send you a cheque via Tony, or can I do it when I see what the postage is and you let me have your address to do so …. Whatever you prefer, and I hope it’s not too much trouble as I know you are a very busy peop.
      thank you very much. Hope the b’day celebrations were fun
      Anne :rose:

    • Anne, I’ve just sent you Micky’s email address – with his permission. :good: :rose: