• Walt posted an update 4 months ago

    We went to the allotment today, OH does not drive ;-)…OH pulled a winter cabbage, half a dozen leeks and a few parsnips :-) …Our Pakistani friends, Shahid & Shahida, were there next door. Shahid said…Wal, when should we plant potatoes…Not yet, it is too cold…Shahida said, ‘Our potatoes were very poor last year, they were dry and tasteless. Do you know of some which have flavour’…Certainly, amongst others, I grow ‘Red Duke Of York’ & ‘Yukon Gold’…Shahid said…Can you get some for us?…I shall try, the ‘Yukon Gold’ may not be available as there is only one supplier in the UK, and if they are then they will be somewhat expensive…No problem,he said, and thrust £40 into my hand…I have ordered them, and he shall have change ;-)

    • Evening Walt, oh that is good news, at least I presume that it means you can drive again? I hope so, and that is great news. :good: Sounds like your Pakistani friends will be having some lovely spuds this year – thanks to you. :rose:

    • I quite agree with Shahid – a potato with real flavour is practically beyond price. So glad you got out today, it must make you feel better. Sowed Losetto today with great anticipation.

    • Good to hear you’re really on the move again, Walt :-)