• Walt posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    I have earwax. I cannot hear any high-pitched sounds :bad: I had a surgery nurse rinse them yesterday :bad:
    Shall make an appointment tomorrow for microsuction :fingers-crossed:

    • Good luck with that, Walt :-)

    • Morning Walt, not nice for you. :bad: Hope the micro-suction does the job. :good:

    • Getting older is nothing but a damned nuisance physically, Walt. We accrue experience and a bit of wisdom, while other things crumble and lose efficiency. Hope it works and you can soon hear Mrs Walt when her voice rises in exasperation again……

      • Morning Walt. Being deaf is horrible and Bean has hit the nail on the head. If I say pardon to OH he raises his voice as if I am an imbecile :lol: